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  1. If that's what you reckon, you'd be wrong.
  2. Back when I was building alloy IOR boats, these were great for V-ing out a seam before welding. Especially in really tight places with the thing next to your face. Of course ours didn't have the guard or handle...
  3. Well, firstly I was looking at your first picture, where it's on the collar. You've now changed photo examples... Second, I'll let Bruce Farr know his boats are poorly conceived. I'm talking about what was Mirrabella-C and Philanderer. MC sailed fine upwind in 25TWS using a 1/3 furled inner jib. And no charter type yacht that big tacks their genoa in the traditional sense. You'd get 10 tacks and the sail would be a throw-away... Third, you're obviously too dim to understand a B&R rig and how the geometry and reverse diagonals work. Nor sailed on one... But that's OK, not many hav
  4. The vang IS on the mast collar... The rig is more a B&R type rig with no runners needed. I've sailed boats 3x the size of this using a Solent configuration, B&R rig with no runners.
  5. We've tried several stripper methods & products in our yard over the years. But the effort, mess, PPE and pretty substandard job in the end made us go back to Soda Blasting. Cheaper in the long run, safer, easier and better job for sure. YMMV
  6. I asked a doctor mate of mine the same thing, who happens to be in the army reserves. He said there’s not a huge full time medical regiment, “most” army medico’s are reservists and not serving full time but called up when needed… the reservist doctors & nurses are already working in their usual occupation.
  7. Is this the one that was raced at the Amateurs late 70's early 80's?
  8. In theory Darwin seems logical as a supply base. Except we've leased it to a Chinese controlled entity for the next 99 years. If we're in conflict with China, I expect we'd not be very welcome in Darwin.
  9. Does this qualify as a stern anchor? https://www.facebook.com/groups/778704655658573/permalink/1657140484481648/
  10. QANTAS - Queers And Nymphomaniacs Travel As Stewards PIA - Perhaps I Arrive
  11. La Vag cashed up and donating serious money, well AUD serious money... Good on em I suppose?
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