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  1. It's pretty easy to do... use the ignore function. Life's better when you don't have to see his drivel.
  2. He really is quite barking mad... that's the only reputation he's got that I can see. Laughing stock too, I guess? Love SA meltdowns though. My mum taught me we shouldn't make fun of the afflicted. But he's the gift that keeps on giving!
  3. Sorry to hear this news. I had a beer with her in Hobart when she delivered Rags back after the S2H race. She was a solid citizen & loved a drink!
  4. Florida... Middle school teacher arrested in February for 'having sex with 15-year-old student in her Florida classroom' is arrested AGAIN for 'sleeping with a minor in another county' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9480501/Female-middle-school-teacher-arrested-having-sex-student-two-years-arrested-again.html
  5. Straight out his beloved CCP handbook.
  6. She'd be toast by now. At least they've got the wheel covers on.
  7. <shudder> I remember... Or casting off too early, flailing wire stripping skin off the grinders lower legs... Casting off too late, punching the spreaders through the sail... Good times!
  8. There certainly was a technique to it... when it went wrong, it went really wrong!
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