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  1. Brad Butterworth has been mentioned. BB driving around in RI again ;-) ... wonder who's going to be riding shotgun
  2. On the Comanche (Columbia) we never saw anything over 16 either. But it was solid breeze the whole way and a nice early finish. For us the race began at the Doubletree hotel on Cabrillo where we returned the rental car- one day rental from SD kept another day and returned several hundred miles north in SB. Nice girl at Hertz took a liking to us- total cost? 40 bucks. Check. Then convinced the chick at the doubletree restaurant to give us some bloodies to go in venti starbucks cups. Check. Turning out great so far. Bought a case of beer at the mart. Check. Comanche was tied up next to MAG 80 be
  3. See scot-that's how it's done- no whining, just a cool, calm, we had a good race how about everyone else? good times
  4. Who cares... it's PHRF for gawds sake. get over yourself. You don't see kernan on here crying i'm not crying, dickhead. go ask tim what he thinks of the viper rating.... NP - I'll ask him and maybe he'll say the rating is way off, but that's not my point, what I said was it's PH, stop whining like you have a bad yeast infection...
  5. Who cares... it's PHRF for gawds sake. get over yourself. You don't see kernan on here crying
  6. Want some cheese to go with that scot,
  7. He can have Dee, but he better stay the hell away from Sam!
  8. Resting in Honolulu Hawaii down by the charter boats, saw it about 3 weeks ago
  9. OOPS wrong again janer... I'm having lots of fun! - Also, I'm guessing you don't like my handle because your bitter, cant get any downtown action eh?
  10. Better yet I can put a block on clownyasshat et all and not have to watch you and the rest of the wannabees strive to become someone that anyone would give a shit about. If you come to LBRW be sure to wear the giant L on your ass clown hat so we can all see you in action. BTW the guy's name is Scot ya newbe
  11. I'm not too worried... She does make you sound like a chick though. If she's gonna post about sailing fine, but stalking someone and posting the crap here is a waste of time. I like seeing what Max is up to, so maybe you can put up a note when it's back to sailing.
  12. Janer - EMF! take your crap over to GA, I'm growing tired of your BS and now you have a team with Bowbunny, Rail et all - move the whole mess somewhere else... PLEASE!
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