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  1. yes its a spelling mistake.... but it is a chance to learn the meaning of a word that I will never use. Ever:
  2. Cool boat. A lot of time and effort went into making it what it is. Back to 33 ft long boats!!! I wonder how it compares to the Flying Tiger on paper? You have had a couple those. I am guessing more sail area than the FT10?
  3. Is it where they hid the drugs before the crossing...?
  4. Maybe the best tires for a one lap race won? Lets not start on the best man. The best (most powerful?) car won the constructors though....
  5. I cannot understand why Mercedes did not box Hamilton for new tires when the safety car came out. That would have forced RB to keep Max out on the hard tires with a bunch of laps on them. The Merc with new softs would have been easily able to pass ANYTHING out there... I guess Merc thought the race and therefore the season would end under yellow? Going forward F1 needs to have clearer idea when to deploy the virtual safety car, the actual safety car and the red flag. Almost seems like too many options. I get that Masi wanted the race to end under racing conditions (and I think that s
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