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  1. How about lying by calling it LIVE?
  2. Dammit, Scooter! Now the four people worldwide who were going to watch SailGP will have to switch to: 2020 Crochet Worlds (Replay) Keeping up with the Gonzalez' (live from Managua) Canadian High School Lacrosse Finals (live) Taking a nap.
  3. Using Pacific proas would be "cultural appropriation".
  4. Yep, that is the problem, and some morons think that the way to solve it is having the slowest boat do the longest races.
  5. I think the confusion springs from not realizing the difference between double-handed RACING, which is exciting, and double-handed racing WATCHING, which can be like watching paint dry. Anybody who has done an overnight race knows that in stable conditions there are long periods of time when the driver drives and the crew hikes and calls puffs and that does not make for exciting television. If we cannot get good coverage of the 49ers and the NACRA 17s, the only way to make mixed double-handing exciting is to allow the crews to have graphic sex on camera.
  6. Oh yes, I also spent hours watching Prada Cup and AC... after VPNing my YouTube to Canada. That's not what I call decent TV coverage.
  7. Recently I've read some editorials breathlessly telling us how exciting and fantastic and wonderful for us sailors is going to be the new mixed doublehander for the Olympics, and all the tremendous media coverage that it will get. Recently we had boats: racing for the America's Cup flying (literally!) at 50+ knots doing races lasting no more than 30 minutes and we could not get decent TV coverage. Who the hell is going to care about broadcasting (or watching) slow boats racing for 48+ hours?
  8. Uffa Fox: "How about I drive the next one?" Prince Philip: "How about I drive the next one...Your Royal Highness?" Uffa Fox: "Never mind"
  9. "Philip was appointed as a midshipman in January 1940. He spent four months on the battleship HMS Ramillies, protecting convoys of the Australian Expeditionary Force in the Indian Ocean, followed by shorter postings on HMS Kent, on HMS Shropshire, and in Ceylon.[25] After the invasion of Greece by Italy in October 1940, he was transferred from the Indian Ocean to the battleship HMS Valiant in the Mediterranean Fleet.[26]" Five postings in one year? I guess nobody liked him.
  10. Time to introduce the regular battens vs two full battens vs full batten main variables.
  11. If the general public didn't give a shit when there were challengers from three countries, who's going to care about an AC with only one challenger?
  12. When I see a race with 140 foilers (this being the number of conventional boats in the last Hot Rum Series, in SD) I will admit that you're right. For the next AC? How about planing 75' monohulls racing Fremantle or Hawaiian conditions? A jibe surfing down a wave at over 20 Kn would be far more exciting than just fast boats.
  13. I skirted the geo-blocking by using Express VPN, but I forgot to subscribe to the Exciting Racing Premium Package.
  14. “the NBDC primary processing servers were shit off ..." You have to admire their honesty.
  15. McGyver


    One good thing of the present boats is that looking at the foil arms you can figure out in what tack they are in, something that was not possible with foiling catamarans with wing sails.
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