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  1. It gets worse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlAB-BoCLzY
  2. Can you see the propeller yet?
  3. BTW, the six ships of this Class were decommissioned after 11 years of service, not exactly B52 longevity.
  4. Pegasus was propelled by water jets.
  5. Last week was the Eco Clipper without a rudder. Now we have a foiling motorboat without propellers or jets. Will wonders never cease?
  6. I've done with main and jib. With 29 sails, you'll need some serious AI. When I read this article, I seriously thought of an April Fool's joke.
  7. I don't know about the Great Circle route, but this baby is going to go in small circles without a rudder. If they cannot render a rudder, the whole thing looks iffy.
  8. Especially considering that it has, according to Google translate, a "pillar and a pillar boom"!
  9. And since when is "fitness" a preventative for infection?
  10. The IOC can shove the Olympics down the Japanese people's throat, but they cannot force us to watch them. A viewers boycott of the Olympics would show the IOC that their dictatorial ways are not acceptable.
  11. "Wind" is a fun movie to watch with people who don't feel that they have to dis the movie to show what good sailors they are.
  12. Sailing has become so specialized that the Botin 85 only sails on starboard tack.
  13. "Tajima Direct: You just finished a wild season opener of SailGP in windy Bermuda that saw your bow land on USA’s stern, essentially causing your bow to get cheese-wired off by their carbon shroud. How the heck did this happen?! Take us through the incident and the resulting damage that knocked your team out of the event when in such solid overall position. Leo Takahashi: It was an epic event and I really hope the viewers and sailing fans enjoyed what they saw." Well, SailGP finally admits that they have gone full NASCAR: the only entertaining part are the crashes.
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