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  1. I have never watched Professional Wrestling. But, in my mind, its similar to the farce tryin to pass itself off as MNF!!!! WL
  2. So, the Ed is ignoring me? Or has somebody checked to see if he is still alive and didn't get blown away in the Santa Ana's?? Zapata has tried and not been able to teach me what I don't know. I would be content to start over with the NoClue ID except for the having to enter a new password every time I log in? Anybody else having a similar issue or did I just piss in the Ed's cornflakes once to often?? WL
  3. Still no reply from Scott. Anyone else willing to drop him a PM and see if he is still breathing?? Worst case I just reinvent myself on here. Or better yet, as the noise to content is reaching overload, take a sabbatical. About the only thing that I would miss is Hobot's continued excellence in the Random Pic thread and little bits of wisdom from the fix it anarchy threads. WL
  4. You might. I have good single Malt!! Even weirder is this ID logs itself out after an hour and when I try to go back in I have to rest the password again. Hoping the Ed will weigh in. I pm'd him yesterday I'm flummoxed!!! WL
  5. Tried that. It sends me back to this profile when I enter White Lightning and click "forgot password". Which shows no content, no activity (worst was the no blocking of idgits like VWAP) Weirdest thing I have ever run into. WL
  6. There's a reason I have you blocked. Douchebag WL
  7. Any mods around that can help me access my account? I am normally referred to in these parts by my Nome de Plume of White Lightning. Had a major computer crash and lost all passwords (I know, backup, back up, back up). I need help accessing my old account. If someone could also explain how this account (which was somehow created when I first joined back in "07) keeps needing a new password every time I log in?? WL
  8. Hello White Lightnin'

    -jim lee

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