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  1. and with that. I give up. enjoy life.
  2. Currently, the way it actually works on the private beaches that I went to in Michigan (south west area), you can walk along all the shoreline and this does go in front of a bunch of very nice houses. You cannot drop a towel and chill there. I have not been or even seen anyone that was actually chased off the beach. New property owners will try, as they are not familiar with the current rulings etc. Usually, this is dealt with by the more established owners explaining the rules to the newbies. Cops have been called and the cops will then explain the laws to them. Newbies fume. Life goes on. T
  3. That's all there is in the journal. Just the "Petition for writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court of Michigan denied". This is what I did the cut-and-paste from. I do not need to look up the reasons for this. I do not care why. The current state of "high water line" stands and I'm good with that. If you need more proof, may I suggest that you go through the effort to locate evidence/rulings that the private property extends into the Great Lakes, beyond the high water mark. I'm not your research lacky. I know that this action would be in direct opposition to your current campaign of "go f
  4. weird. I click on it and I get to download the PDF.... again. here's the original link... https://www.supremecourt.gov/orders/journal/jnl05.pdf nothing much in it really, other than the listing I cherry-picked out.
  5. Here's the SCOTUS Journal I'm referencing. jnl05.pdf
  6. https://www.justice.gov/enrd/federalstate-conflict <-- lots of case law there Right. ---> (JOURNAL) MONDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2005 1 SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES ... No. 05–764. Richard A. Goeckel, et ux., Petitioners v. Joan M. Glass. Petition for writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court of Michigan denied. <--- this is specifically where the SCOTUS Declined to hear the case that the property owner had land ownership all the way to the water. This is where it was established to the high water mark is the land of the property owner and allowed for people to walk the shoreline. -
  7. per United States Supreme Court - "The public has the right to walk the Great Lakes shoreline, even along privately owned beaches." <-- That's not my opinion. This is a United States Supreme Court ruling. Go argue with them. From the rest of the article: "But state supreme courts in both Indiana and Michigan have long held that walking along a Great Lakes shoreline is a public right. The Michigan Supreme Court last upheld that right in 2005 in a similar case along the Lake Huron shoreline." <-- As the original issue was on Lake Huron which is Michigan (where I was relating my p
  8. on the Great Lakes, there is no private/off limits law concerning the shore. The beach is considered private but shore access cannot be prevented. This means that you cannot rock up and have a day at the beach in from of someone's private property. What is does mean is that you can walk along the shore or run your boat onto the shoreline if you're in trouble (they can't make you move). I know this first hand because (prior to divorce) I had access to a private beach (100' or so) on Lake Michigan. Ours was a community deeded beach access. Just north and south was private beaches. As long as
  9. getting the video to the projector is up to you. my recommendation for reasonably inexpensive sound is the previously mentioned 3.5 plug, but instead of an old/cheap stereo, grab a pair of normal 8-10" guitar (not bass or synth) amps ($80-100 each) and use the CD input (bypasses everything except volume). I do this and it works surprisingly well. decent sound quality (enough for outside) and volume. The open backs also do a pretty good job letting the sound fill in from all over, especially if you can put them up against something. I use a white plastic shower curtain for the screen. y
  10. made for great bedroom posters. Vector W8.
  11. my brother had a 1969 AMC Rambler with that. It was an actual "little old lady drove it to the market and church" car. pretty cool.
  12. That whole crazy ass control setup and "the floor mounted dimmer"? looking at that setup, it's probably the brake pedal.
  13. if you're buying used. you are buying a car that someone got rid of for whatever reason. It's safe to assume that reason is sufficiently bad enough to go thru the hassle of reploacing the vehicle. having said that, i just bought an ex-police CrownVic about a year ago. got a screaming deal.... or so I thought. I've replaced the engine and brakes so far. some other minor repairs. however, all in i've got a 2011 big a$$ sedan, last of the body-on-frame, for about $11K with a fresh rebuilt motor (3year/100k warranty). Not exactly a screaming-deal anymore, but the chassis has 100k on it no
  14. rum drinks usually. It's a small club and we meet virtually. most of the boats are staying out of the water this summer.
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