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  1. CYC has a pre-party before the award ceremony in November where every section winner and overall winner gets time with their trophy for pictures. Most get filled by crew’s drink of choice.
  2. Can’t be said enough. Make sure your on board instruments are accurate first. A lot can throw it off. the boat I race on has a .3knot difference at 6knots of boat speed between tacks upwind. And the difference gets bigger the faster we go (and smaller the slower) We given up trying to solve it, and just sail it with two sets of polars. also If you don’t have a hand held gps to get speed, Is there anyone around you with a j99 you can test yourself against? Go pace someone before a race? That would tell you if you are actually slow on one tack.
  3. Best sailing scene is in the movie ‘The Jackel’ Bruse Willis sails the Chicago to Mac race solo from undisclosed location in Canada to Chicago with a cannon hidden in the boom. Parks the boat in the harbor and some how get the gun from the boat to the van without anyone seeing. Best part is they filmed the finish on a dead calm day so all the local racers they paid to come out put their kites up and motored backward to keep them full for the helicopter shots.
  4. Cool, congrats. See you on the course. Back to the thread. So CYC entires is only up to 234. So it does look like entries are down this year for CYC.
  5. It was cool to see her in the water, but man are they scary boats. First there is the size of everything and the force at play. Also I'm used to production boats, the finish quality of the boats is awful. Abracadabra deck wasn't flat anywhere, it was still solid well made carbon fiber but there were depressions so deep that held 1/4 pool of water. It made sense, as the boat was meant to be fast, not pretty, but it didn't inspire confidence. Also the power behind the boats is incredible. Even though the main was up, it wasn't doing anything due to mis sizing and being blow out so we were racing
  6. So she’s the 1994 Stars and Stripes built for the 1995 AC. She ended up not defending the cup as DC switched to Young America for the defense. in 2015 she was brought to Chicago with Acracadabra to be used as a charter. At the end of the season she ran aground and from the looks of it sank. The bow and white poles must have been efforts to refloat her as part of the salvage effort. She’s newly added to my yard so she must have been bouncing around yards since 2015. I didn’t sail her, but got to sail abracadabra on a beer can race in 2015. The boat was falling apart. We brok
  7. Look what I found in a boat yard. Can anyone ID her and say how she got this way? I’ll tell in a day or two if no one guesses. Check out the bow and stern mods and yes those white poles on the back are attached to the boat.
  8. If you see shore for most of the Chicago to Mac race your navigator sucks and you should find a new one. Heck there was a race in the mid 2010s with such thick fog for most of saturday and Sunday that my boat didn’t see land from before the start to after turning the corner at can three and I think we saw less than 10 boats the whole race, and we were a mid fleet boat and finished well. I wasn’t a fan of the personal AIS requirement but after Mark’s incident I went out and bought one for myself and forced our crew to learn how to use the system on the boat. Mark got ‘win the lot
  9. Agree with the wait and see approach. My race boat is just now getting organized for the year and we haven’t registered for the chi Mac yet even though we are doing it. as for vaccines, they’ve opened it up to pretty much anyone that wants one now. It can just be a struggle to find the appointment to get it. I would expect my whole crew is fully vaccinated by June.
  10. In a similar situation. Have always found Henri Loydd to fit the best. (Or West Marine if you need a budget option). Don’t even try Slamm. I once found and tried on XXXL salopettes from them, I couldn’t get into them as once my legs were in it didn’t reach over my shoulder.
  11. Starting the bitch fest... Previous owner installed a speaker 3in away from the broken compass. My non handy partner over two weeks our first year of ownership got a new one installed and was really proud of himself for doing so (had to enlarge the hole). I pointed it out to him that the compass only points west. He didn’t believe me and said we had to adjust it (hadn’t left slip which pointed SSW). Took it out and sent him a bunch of photos point at landmarks in every direction but west. Pulled the speaker and it magically started working.
  12. Having crewed on both they are completely different boats. Compromises with each. I wouldn’t own either unless you can race one design with them. Personally I think the 109 is a better boat and the cost is justified. But you can find a better PHRF racer for less money. Compromises - 36.7 - tiny cockpit for racing, the four people you need to put in there are always throwing elbows at each other. It’s a pole only boat, so more crew that have to know what they are doing. It’s roomer down below but you haul that with you on the race course. Also tall dog house always made the cockpit f
  13. More like he’s internet trolling... da dum diss... I’ll see myself out.
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