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    tohatsu 6

    I have the same engine in the 5HP variety. Ethanol free fuel like everyone says. Same for all of the garden engines. The other issue I sometimes have is vaccum in the tank. If i forget to open the tank vent at some point the engine starves for fuel and has the same symptoms that you said.
  2. Will not be competitive because it cannot stay on its coils through the tack
  3. Cmass


    until you turn the phone 90 degress and all better
  4. Cmass


    Port gybe boat cut them off, turned up in too much wind to avoid.
  5. Funny, My wife cannot be bothered with light air sailing...only likes it when we are "screaming along" at 7-8 kts. If you are going to run before the storm, you have to get to 130-150 apparent. If you try to hang out at 90 when the big puff hits, the boat will turn you. Easing sails and turning down a little makes the boat more powerful but also gives you time to react before the auto-tack. I always approach the gusts by going closer to the wind. Give the sails just enough power to keep you going at hull speed but not enough to over-heel your boat. Main and helm work together to
  6. I have an old Beneteau 325 with a very tall mast (and narrow stern) due to the normally light winds in my area. I completely understand your situation. In 6-12 kts of wind the boat is a dream. In 15+ kts it is "lively" and above 18 kts it is just not fun. The previous owner would just call off racing if wind was supposed to be over 15kts. I did much of what has been suggested: shorten the forestay, use the babystay, hydraulic backstay replased the old screw to flatten main more quickly. Harken traveller replaced old Amiot with good purchase and gross(6:1)/fine(18:1) tune on the main
  7. I just delivered the boat there yesterday. Now I get to go and deliver the boat 300 miles back to Detroit. woohoo!
  8. I'm telling you, the sailmaker said the speed bubble is fast! Hmmm, can we make wallets out of that shit!
  9. did he drill and tap a zirc fitting into the body?
  10. Sailed an Elan 40 in the protected waters of the Dalmatian Coast when the boat first came out. Boat sailed like an absolute dream in flat water with up to 20kts of wind. When we took it out to the open Adriatic with the full force of the wind and waves we were a little less enthusiastic. It was very comfortable for cruising. We "beat" all of the boats around us that had no idea we were racing. I own a Beneteau and I think the Elan build quality was quite a bit better than my Beneteau.
  11. Look at the spotter next to the crane. He is stupid calm and still looks to be giving instructions while the crane is toppling. He does eventually remove his coveralls to jump in and rescue. The guys diving off the barge on the shore side are the "smart guys". I think you can see an arm and leg of the crane operator as it goes in the water. It would have been nice to see how the load got into that position. Seems like it would have come off of a trailer on the opposite side from the barge and rotates all the way around?
  12. I'm shaking it boss, still shakin it.
  13. I think you show great talent. And I pride myself on having an eye for that kind of talent. But your status as a Nazi killer is still amateur. We all come here to see if you wanna go pro.
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