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  1. You would need a "gWind race" sensor - it's is the same sensor with just the TWA table enabled in it's software.
  2. You will need the Garmin / Nexus Race wind sensor, the Nexus server and the "nexus race"-software. The race TWA calibration table in the wind-sensor can be manually edited the same way as you would do it on a H5000. This has worked for me for many years and I have my angles within one degree even after tacks or gybes. Takes some time though, but the B&G manual is a good start. Actually your calibration value is higher to widen the angle and negative to narrow it. Apply half of the seen difference in TWD to your TWA calibration and you are done.
  3. Ha, Expedition system restore did the trick! Thanks Nick!
  4. Thanks NoRay. I can select "worldchart-i" but this does not do any change and seems to switch back to CMAP immediately. Is this "worldchart-i" the free CMAP 4D WWD-303?
  5. Are you guys able to zoom out completely with C-Map 4D? On my computer I am not able to see the whole North-Atlantic for example. Quite annoying if you want to have a broad overview.
  6. Your problem might be the missing checksum in the NMEA0183 1.x protocol. If you cannot disable the checksum check on the receiving side (H5000) you won't succeed. Do yourself a favour and get some Garmin GNX120 mast displays directly connected to the NMEA2000 backbone...
  7. jarcher, can you confirm the "advanced BSP calibration" in your attached nexus calibration PDF? I have never seen negative values here. And what would be 0% then? In my case I have 1.63 as a single calibration value in the NX2 display. My idea was to put the same number (1.63=63%) into both fields and adjust each tack accordingly afterwards while sailing. I never did the automatic calibration function as I prefer to know exactly what I do. Thanks for a hint. Cheers chriggel
  8. The reason for the random wind angle data on those Garmin units is that they used the wrong (or not enough) glue to fix the sensor head to the horizontal tube. I had one where I could pull the whole thing out from the tube - it was just holding on to the cable... Before I found this out I spent days calibraiting and still had no success. I was lucky to get an old Nexus nWind race with proper built quality but as they have a different connector I had to change the mast cable (again...) As an engineer I have to give my kudos to the guy (Janne?) who invented that ying-yang looking ball sensor.
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