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  1. I've both bought and sold boats and gear using sailinganarchy classifieds and had good experiences and been satisfied. Not really that expensive to list and you are generally dealing with experienced sailors, so very little bullsh!t. I still buy and sell boat parts on Craigslist and list the same ads I put on sailinganarchy, but you are usually dealing with retards who never show up and low ball. I've had poor experience with brokers on Yachtworld. That is where most of the good listings are for proper yachts, but many brokers are not worth their fees, with a few exceptions.
  2. Would be like trying to use the little emergency tiller that came with my wheel boat to steer in the ocean. Impossible...
  3. Why don't you just keep the two spanners you need to adjust the turnbuckles tied together and in the boat tool box. You don't need to keep a full set of spanner on board, just the ones that actually fit on things you might be adjusting. Keep the rest in the dock box. Or just use a decently sized wrench.
  4. That was an awesome vid. Thx!
  5. The wiring looms are much cleaner now, although I don't have that nice conduit to hide the wires and I'm just using regular bus bars not those fancy connectors. I need to move the NKE Junction box panel up from under the chart table to behind the electrical panel and further away from potential water in the boat. When I do this, it will be their final resting place (I sourced the base NKE system used out of a J/111 that had gone B&G) and I will be able to cut a lot of the loops of extra wire out, which I have been loathe to do until finalizing my plans. One problem is I went and
  6. This was my before, but I've come a long way since. All works though...
  7. What an awesome looking electrical install. Mine is DIY and not quite as good. One issue with NKE is you get tons of wires and junction boxes. Need to shorten and redo...
  8. Mustang Survival EP series XL fits tall and slim compared to Henri Lloyd and Gill.
  9. Here is an actual pic of Il Moro sitting in Mosquito Creek https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Il_Moro_Challenge Owned by a member of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. Used to sail it around for fun and because he could. Always seemed to have a big smile and be enjoying himself when he took it out with his 25+ friends for Round Bowen or Easter Seals Charity Regattas. No one died, but I've heard it makes some scary noises.
  10. What does the Flying J1 rate in as for PHRF and ORC? Sweet looking ride.
  11. Works for re-anodizing your mast too...
  12. I didn't even know engine anodes were a thing until reading this thread. Will have to check on mine on my 3GM30 next time I'm down on the boat.
  13. Made me look... Chapter 12 is Weather. LOL!
  14. I have one of those Toto Toilets. They are boss! You'll never go back...
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