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  1. What is the rating difference for the 3300's that are matching the 3600's? Have the 3300 now made the 3600 redundant? How do the smaller JPK's compare on IRC from your experience?
  2. Further to this, at the time the bow extensions were added, the OMR rule effectively measured the waterline length, not the overall length. The extensions would have been "free" under the rule. Unfortunately, the rule makers realised this issue before the mods were finished and updated the rule.
  3. They do have history of turning the AIS off in other races (where it wasn't a rule to leave it on mind you), with different navigators onboard . In the races I have done against them when we could possibly be close to them their position has disappeared from AIS either just before or just after the start. In one race it disappeared as we were catching them , and it stayed off until the finish, when it came back on for their delivery. On all the race boats I have been on have a switch to turn AIS transmit function off. Normally not obvious and hard to accidentally bump - no flashing lig
  4. Think you might find he was there a decade ago too.
  5. I guess they should have taken you rather than Tom Addis hey!
  6. Am I reading that wrong? It looks to me like Comanche beat Rambler by 10 minutes.
  7. Would a boom fix the rotation control issue?
  8. Is anyone else sick of Ian and Peter's continued rant about having to post you name, address, date of birth, phone number etc before being allowed to express an opinion in this topic. It seems that they both think that if they do not know who you are personally, then your thoughts are not just an attack on their product. This is SA guys.
  9. I wonder if there is much point testing a component to destruction unless the loads are being recorded as well, otherwise you do not know what you are actually testing.
  10. Well thank you for adding to the discussion. I am actually rather interested in the F22. I have sailed on a Sprint, which we raced against a tickled F22 (and actually beat more times then they beat us FYI). I now own a modified Grangier Tri (which we use for racing) and have recently been having discussions with the minister for finance about whether we purchase a Sprint/Dash type tri to keep on the boat ramp at home (race boat is not really practical for this) and cruise around on with the kids. The F22 would no doubt be part of the mix if it was available I am not calling into questio
  11. Mate, if you seriously think that you will get more control of your sail shape without a boom, than with a boom, then I wish you all the luck in the world.
  12. You are kidding right? How many boats have booms? The evidence is in the accepted normal of racings boats of all sizes and types.
  13. In regard to the point that because Randy Smyth has a boomless sail on his F25C, so it must be the fastest option, this does not really make sense. The fact that a sailor as experienced in fast multihulls owned a F25, shows that he was willing to compromise on performance. I do not think that anyone (not even Ian Farrier) would claim that the F25C is the fastest 25 foot tri ever designed. It is no doubt a brilliant mix of practicality with speed, and purchasers of these boats would weigh up the compromises and determine whether that suits their own usage requirements. But,
  14. Reading your comments, it seems like you are backing up the opinions that the boomless option is simple, easy and perfect for the mass market, but a boom and outhaul set-up gives you more options and control over your sail. I do not think any of the "boom proponents" disagree with you. It is the people saying that a boomless setup is offering more control over the mainsail shape (and hence top-end speed) that seems to be more in question.
  15. Can you actually adjust the attachment to the end of the main under load? Would the inability to adjust this attachment point be a little limiting? It is a bit like pin-stop jib cars I imagine - very painful when you are racing, great when you are not. The real question with those boomless boats above is not whether they are fast, but would they be faster with booms.
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