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  1. What's even scarier is that in the photo with him and Darshen checking his "loose nuts," he's wearing his outfit from the (in)famous 'Void Ho' video. He's the biggest loose nut on the boat.
  2. Applause applause, JP. (Not sarcastic clapping - this is a genuine bravo to your succinctly put points.) Still have yet to see any good acts come from of those two that tangibly help others besides themselves. Making appearances because you're the "honored" guest isn't actually doing anything to help any cause. On a side note, I'm glad this thread exists, not so much because it is (or isn't) about Reid, but because it mostly exposes the ridiculousness of blind hero worship and crediting people who claim to have accomplished far more than they really did. I've read a few posts that qu
  3. And there you have it folks, all this verbiage to simply state that JPlanet is an obsessed fool who has just spent more than 3 years of her life devoted to this "entertainment". Well everybody has to have a hobby and some of them are even strange but I guess those who collect girdles or adults who play with their Transformer toys don't make their obsession public like the intellectually impoverished Ms. Planet and her ilk. The upside is that without Reid and his quest who knows what Planet and Pipsqueak and RD et al would get into, perhaps Reid's higher purpose was to provide a harmless outl
  4. Is he going to be allowed to STAY at Frying Pan Pier? Right smack in the middle of his comfort zone where he can beg for thousands of more dollars, especially now that he's got Darshen to use as a marketing tool. Might as well dress the kid in a PayPal t-shirt.
  5. I can't believe this bum is still looking for handouts! And how is he getting to have that POS boat in NYC again, even if it's just for a day? I'm sure he has to be towed over and back from Ho-ho-ken, so that's more kindness from others. What a fucking role model. RD, you planning on going? 3RD ANNUAL “WATER NOT WEAPONS” CONCERT - SUNDAY, OCT. 3RD FROM 2PM TO 5PM - HELD ON THE FRYING PAN PIER AT 26TH STREET ON THE HUDSON RIVER IN NYC -- FOLLOWED BY VISITING SCHOONER DANCE PARTY - 6PM to MIDNIGHT FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: PAUL SLADKUS, 212-647-1212, 9170687-1790. paul.sladkus@
  6. "The Today Show and the CBS Early Show have been scheduled appearances and cancelled (sic) them at the last minute." Quote from Mad Mariner Wonder why, who or what caused his appearances to be canceled. And every time I read about him escaping from pirates in the Amazon, i can't help but wonder if he was escaping from pirates or coke lords. After all, it was the 80s when smuggling coke out of South America using young girls as mules to the US through the Caribbean was pretty much a piece of cake. The guy lived the "high" life for a long time, made a lot of money living that life. Rem
  7. Damn funny vid. As you suggest, erasing the past will be key to crafting the tale. Don't want too much of that pesky history getting in the way of Hovian fantasy. Fisher is not likely to dwell upon the decades between the draft dodge years and the Laurence wedding. Meanwhile mice and mildew are relishing the old artwork stored up in Cooperstown. The great American hero had better capitalize on his flicker of publicity before that too becomes totally worthless to the few remaining people who still care. But then Stowe's parents will probably buy them. Going to be a long cold w
  8. Must suck being in Hoboken with no car! Weid says he has a years worth of food left, but I don't think Darshen would be too into sprouts and Parmigiano Reggiano and four year old nuts.
  9. My point exactly. Mike, I'm sorry you misunderstood my post but I was not using the gulf oil spill (or to Reid, an event synonymous with the Gulf War) as a counterpoint to my statement that it is utterly obnoxious to continue asking for handouts, especially when there is no stated specific mission. You replied to JPlanet and called her Mike? Whoa, hold the phone. Am I reading too much into this or does this post prove that Jplanet and Mike Wofsey are in fact one and the same? Ha ha, maybe you are. I meant, "My point exactly," in a general way in response to JPlanet's well put st
  10. Ahh, but I'll bet there's so much more to this story. Like how did he come to have a Rolls Royce and summer in the Hamptons? Guess that was before he got busted for the pot and was still living the high life.
  11. WEid must be sick he's banished to Hoboken. Bet he thought he'd come home to such a heroes welcome that NYC would give him his own pier. Nope, Hoboken. Since he can't duplicate the polka dot garden,. he'll have to figure out how to make money on his sprouts gardens. Wonder if he's planning to charge people for a 4th of July cruise in the harbor.
  12. Charlie D, see you lurking here. What do you think about your boy Reid now? Have you figured out what a lying, self-serving jerk he is? How long before Soy realizes raising Darshen on that moldy boat isn't what she thought it'd be? Do you think he'd get an apartment with them on land, or will he "sacrifice" his relationship with them to continue pursuing his life at sea?
  13. I highly doubt he's going to dock on the NYC side of the harbor for any length of time. He'd love to but it's expensive and I don't think he's got any dock-owning friends to let him crash there. Somebody probably coughed up the bucks for his temporary mooring fees and he, Soy and the boy will end on the NJ side soon enough. Of course, despite what all those morning shows tell you, they DO PAY people to appear. They'll tell you they don't pay for the person to be on but they do pay for any picture(s) of that person that they show during the interview. Therefore, you'll always see some kind of p
  14. I think there should be an art show displaying/selling WEid's mesterpieces against the works of NickDG, cscow, RD, JPlanet, Swannie, Pipsqueak et al. The proceeds of the sale of the work by the SA contingent could be used for a college fund for Darshen. I think the SAers would rake in much bigger bucks. Edit: I'm gonna miss all those pieces of art created by the SA posters.
  15. I'd be willing to bet there are more incredible skeletons in his closet... Welcome home, WEid. Now that you're back, when and where is the next trip?
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