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  1. Any room for me on the boat at PHRf's?
  2. I appears that Hankerin' is up for sale, bummer http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=61327101941
  3. I'm not in Maine yet I am going to be getting to Southport on the 12th
  4. kitty when does racing start? I should be up in maine on the 12th if you need crew
  5. Kitty, Im doing great but I am looking for a ride this summer any room for me on BDP?
  6. The Boats at U of M get rigged up Thursday and practice starts next week assuming that the ice has melted enough. I can't wait to get out sailing again.
  7. Michigan is great, I'm on the sailing team which is incredibly fun. We placed 4th at the Northwestern regatta last weekend and are in the last week of sailing season. -K2
  8. fly, is vermont sending a team to IOR this weekend?
  9. That was a homer simpson moment. But we did get the boat going 15 kts before it went over.
  10. Did anyone get any pictures of Hankerin's death roll with the chute up at the MS regatta last weekend?
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