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  1. I think it got a bit out of hand. Time to go home 1BI, your drunk.
  2. I'll just leave this here. Enjoy your Floorgasm.
  3. How about wiring in these between boat and battery: https://www.mcmaster.com/7043K8/ They make caps as well. I agree with the more trouble then its worth though. I kept the 2 battery setup and just went with smaller, lighter batteries. --Matt
  4. This would be a good interchange part to know. It's got to be a fairly standard industrial part. I have been looking as well with no luck thus far. I wonder if a Phoenix Connector would fit. That's the closest part that comes to mind, I guess a trip to the electronics store is in order. https://vetco.net/products/4-position-phoenix-connector-plug-12-22awg-wire-15a --Matt
  5. Really, overhand knots? Give me a break.
  6. Close. Down the road from the old Delilah's Den. But that West is no more and they finally leveled the old Delilah's. You need to come to Jersey more often Johnny. Actually, on second thought, please don't.
  7. It's Jersey, everyone knows it's next to Bada Bing.
  8. SEC, Give Raritan a look. Water is reasonably deep. I'm fine with with a 7' draft. We have a few boats at 8-8.5'. Send me a message if you'd like more info. I've been at Raritan 30ish years. --Matt
  9. Your gonna have to build an alignment jig. If the axle tube is really just 2" box, IFF: Cut both spindles off. Get a new piece of 2" box to replace the whole tube. Build a jig and get that shit straight and burn everything back together. Bob's yer auntie.
  10. Lemme see if I can find the ones I made a while back. Does your skipper want any good deals on sails, I got a bunch. --Matt
  11. egon


    Decimeter = Sprit & Asym Feet = Pole & Symmetrical kite Shush about the J/100 and J/99.
  12. Did someone say Bitchin' Camaro?
  13. Dear boy, go warm up the Roller.
  14. ...of a different kind
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