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  1. Or to be clearer... in the study done using dexamethazone on ventilated patients, dexamethazone + standard of care reduced mortality by approx 30%. Mesoblast treatment without dexamethazone but with standard of care reduced mortality by around 45% while mesoblast with dexamethazone and standard of care showed around a 75% reduction in mortality compared to the placebo arm with standard of care without mesoblast and without dexamethazone. This is fantastic news. I'm hoping they can get approval for a phase 4 to vary the dose and get even better confirmatory results in the over and
  2. Topline results finally out. 75% reduction mortality in under 65's with dexamethazone, 46% reduction without using dexamethazone... So it looks like it works, they will probably modify the dose or frequency for over 65's and get better results.
  3. Well done, I ran aground at the entry! FFS
  4. I was going East, then shifted to West, then changed my mind and East is back on..... 1100th now.
  5. Well I'm up in 1200th now and about 7nm off the lead..... I have a plan for the shift.... going to be carnage!
  6. Looks like if you click on another boat, it updates their position? About 15,000 boats within 2 miles of the lead if that is the case.
  7. Im in 14,000th..... I can't figure out the tracker, when do they update the positions?
  8. Is the gameplan stick to the east? boat seems very slow upwind......
  9. Merry Christmas, Version 3.3 Released. Now includes rolling 100 / 250 / 500 meter best time summary. Race countdown - start line waypoint drop can be skipped by clicking back if you only want the countdown. Enjoy !
  10. Being able to test positive and then run around infecting other people as much as you like ?
  11. Well..... This isn't such good news, unlikely to reduce mortality by 43% - actual mortality reduction is unknown. Trial has been halted at about 75% enrolled, results will be now unblinded after mid February - hopefully it shows some form of efficacy and they can correlate why it started out showing good efficacy, but then reduced for patients enrolled Oct - Nov. Still worth keeping an eye on. http://investorsmedia.mesoblast.com/static-files/bc0ce366-1c50-46ce-a9d4-d06b7ce403e5
  12. I think dexamethasone and REGN-COV2 are probably the best options out there currently on the treatment front * if they are available. With the discovery of long covid symptoms recently though and long term side effects, I am waiting patiently for msb to finish their trial. The benefit for all being that their treatment is regenerative and hopefully will stop long covid symptoms all together, unlike single use therapies like dexameth or antibodies.
  13. I don't blame them - look what happened with the swine flue vaccine. Now governments all over the world are successfully being forced to compensate all the people now stuck with narcolepsy.
  14. That is great news, Mesoblast also just got fast track approval from the FDA today, based off the results @Miffy was " lying " about - hopefully we get several effective vaccines, and multiple treatments that works without side effects....
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