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  1. New Version 4.5 Released. Both versions: Added ability to drop Waypoints in save menu Changed wind entry Faster Elapsed distance/time carousel Red session recording colors Version "a" Added distance lost every time you tack and gybe, displayed on the watch for 2 seconds after you get the tack angle alert displayed. Experimental Polar can now overlay several polar plots at the same time. data website
  2. Version 4.3 released - Experimental feature added to version 4.3 - make your own Polar Graphs. In Sail Racer if you have the option in the main menu to turn polar graph on, when you record an activity, the watch will save 1 polar data set for each recorded activity. All you need to do is bring your watch near your phone that has the Garmin Connect Mobile application installed, and then open Sail Racer on your Watch. Do Not Open Garmin Connect Mobile. The watch communicates directly to your phone through Garmin Connect Mobile when it is not open, and your phone will tell you Sail Racer is t
  3. Version 4.2 released. Fixed a waypoint copy issue from mobile/PC to wactch, and forerunner 935 download incorrect version . After session stats :
  4. Sailors, Windsurfers and Kiters, After 18 months, a few hundred hours coding and plenty of on water testing, user request feature addition and more testing, I’m proud to release version 4.0 of Sail racer. https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/1980c826-844a-47f7-9ca8-ffc0e09ba2ba Changes include: New USER GUIDE in the What’s New page on the app store Fixing a version 3.9 bug with the waypoint import from Garmin Connect. You can now import up to 20 waypoints at a time from Garmin connect onto the watch (and overwrite or add them), to then create a course on the watch, or se
  5. Version 3.9 Released - Waypoints can now be entered through the Garmin Connect or Garmin Express Mobile and PC applications through Sail Racer / App settings
  6. Version 3.8 Released Watch now automatically tells you to Tack or Gybe when reaching the layline ( with a course or waypoint steer active) You pre-set a tack or gybe angle, and the watch automatically updates the angle based on your actual tack and gybe angles on the day in the conditions
  7. Hey Everyone. I’ve nearly cracked 5,000 users of my Garmin watch Kitesurf / Sailing app, and have decided to add a few more features to the app in ‘Sail Racer - version 3.5’ For the Speedsters out there I have added a max speed vibration that will vibrate every time you set a new maximum speed record in a session. Access in the main menu and set the minimum speed you would like the vibrations to start at ( 5 – 30 ) kts. For the Navigators out there, the Waypoint and Course navigation has been fully re-vamped. If you are navigating to a waypoint ( either single waypoint or as part of a
  8. Yep......... I think 4 kts is about the limit , maybe 5 for kitesurfers hydrofoiling. Getting up is going to be the biggest problem for a big heavy boat without a massive rig.
  9. 4 kts would be bloody impressive, but that is so far from where they currently are ( assuming zero current ). I would imagine any ability to foil in 4 kts, would remove some of the top end also....
  10. Or to be clearer... in the study done using dexamethazone on ventilated patients, dexamethazone + standard of care reduced mortality by approx 30%. Mesoblast treatment without dexamethazone but with standard of care reduced mortality by around 45% while mesoblast with dexamethazone and standard of care showed around a 75% reduction in mortality compared to the placebo arm with standard of care without mesoblast and without dexamethazone. This is fantastic news. I'm hoping they can get approval for a phase 4 to vary the dose and get even better confirmatory results in the over and
  11. Topline results finally out. 75% reduction mortality in under 65's with dexamethazone, 46% reduction without using dexamethazone... So it looks like it works, they will probably modify the dose or frequency for over 65's and get better results.
  12. Well done, I ran aground at the entry! FFS
  13. I was going East, then shifted to West, then changed my mind and East is back on..... 1100th now.
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