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  1. Check out the OSTAR tracking and follow Jeroboam! http://ostar.rwyc.org/?page_id=3222
  2. Best race of the season! Great conditions and a solid fleet of boats. Thank you to RYC for hosting all of us this weekend!
  3. Have the results been posted? We missed the post race fun for a family event. I haven't seen anything on the website of Facebook yet. The Mainsail video is a nice touch.
  4. Another great MS regatta - thankfully the wind filled in nicely. It was a beautiful weekend and Sunday's events drew a huge crowd on the water! It was a lot of fun to watch.
  5. Yep, Racing looks like this: Nirvana -72 Apres Ski 72 Beausoleil 75 County Girl 78 Keemah 90 But you should get a dance partner and come race double handed against Buzz. Right now only two DH boats, but 4 single handers. That's where we are at...
  6. Cruising Southern Cross Trader Imagine DH Buzz Tittravate SH Resolute Panacea Racing Nirvana Apres Ski County Girl Keemah Come join us...I'll bring candy
  7. Looking for more boats for Northeast Harbor Race... are you all going to PHRFNE's? August 24-25 - 100+ miles, Racing, Cruising, Single and Double Handed sign up at www.gmora.org - or PM me with questions. 4 boats racing, 4 boats short handed at the moment, looking to fill out the classes.
  8. Good job out there, looked like it was a slow one, always a tough way to sail.
  9. We missed the CYC race this year, but made it to Rockland for the Blues today! That was pretty neat, great venue. You RYC guys had front row seats (understanding it is probably a big PITA for you) How did it go? Was there wind?
  10. I'd have to agree that the pursuit format on this race was less than ideal. With a course that provides opportunity for a variety of angles and some choices (Harraseeket) - I think it can work. Of course having consistent wind conditions would make it "fair" and we know how often that happens (not Harraseeket). I would have been curious to see what the results would have been like if it was done in a standard format. Is there a push to do pursuit format from some of the folks in Rockland? I have to say I love doing this race - the locations are incredible and the people are fun!
  11. remember what happens in Castine...... stays in Castine... and NOTHING ever happens in Castine... wait a second, didn't I meet my wife there???? See you in Rockland
  12. You might also get some co promotion out of talking to the folks who run the ME Rocks Race. They are the weekend after correct? Different style of racing of course, but if you have your boat up in the area anyway for one, do them both? Just a thought, I hope to get up to do the AIR, but I don't think I will have a boat this year.
  13. Hanging down here and doing the MS partyfest on Saturday...
  14. I don't think anyone can top the cruising class for party honors. I had a warm bath to head home to - I don't think I have been that cold racing in a long time - I needed a few more layers. Here is hoping that this weekend is better...
  15. If I remember correctly - The Cone was beat by Beausoleil as well last time it was done? There must have been wind!
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