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  1. I'll bet you just love saying that.
  2. Columbia's service ramp this morning at about 6:30am... http://www.screencast.com/t/on7s9DAL
  3. Maybe this will help to refresh your memory?
  4. Does the $7 include parking and drinks? Seriously, people need to pay again to get trophy's they won? Didn't someone thwart this a couple of years ago? OK, I just talked to Larry Kwiat to get some clarifications: Party is slated to be on the aft deck under the tent, not on the raildeck. Of couse, that is weather permitting There will be live music (pretty sure it is not Montgomery Street and hoping for the Flood Brothers) Parking in the Columbia Yacht will be available, FREE, first come first served. Not sure if the gates will be up on the DuSable lot (technically the harbors are
  5. Saw a bit of carnage. I think there was some vomiting, too...
  6. Good stuff Jim! Thanks for taking the time to write this, and the time to be the PRO!
  7. That was me speaking Lou, NOT Tom Keegan. Oh. I see what U did there.
  8. Hi Tom, While I appreciate all the hard work done by the RC Volunteers (especially, you), and I'm not one to beat up on or complain about much other than the most obvious of screw-ups, I strongly disagree with the comment: "Another way to look at it is you lose the right to complain about RC work if you dont do RC work. Since I actually pay for the races in which I participate, I most-definitely have a right to complain. I also think that anyone who is spending their time to participate in the sport has a right to complain, everyone's time is valuable, whether they volunteer for R
  9. "No races will be started after 11:45 p.m." ?????? You gotta be shitting me. Six Races on Saturday, going way into the evening? On the small boats, without a whole heck of a lot of provisions? Where an 11:00 start gets you back to the dock after 1 am? Good Lord. A frickin' CYC box lunch ain't going to cut it after a bloody long day at 8 pm on the water. That's (potentially) brutal. Apparently, a lot of people have been drinking on the docks, today. [edit: he did say, "BOX DINNERS" - c'mon they know you'll need more than a sandwich]
  10. I'm going to stay in bed all day.
  11. Went to skippers' meeting... Bedford was very confident with the impending forecast, but not so certain on how long the high winds will hang around. Either way, it will be a messy couple of days. RC says they will be making their decisions tomorrow morning between 6am and 7am and sending text messages and emails to the skippers.
  12. I will be at Skippers' meeting tonight at CYC; I imagine it will be a little more interesting than it usually is... Forecast looks terrible (sailflow.com is even gnarlier looking) but actual conditions are not that bad (yet), so I suspect they will wait as long as they can to make a decision.
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