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  1. That is a very early GRP Mk2 Osprey. Most before 1970-ish were wood. Some are still racing. New ones (Mk6) are all epoxy and carbon rigs. This on has no spinnaker chute, so I presume it's a chuck it out and hope for the best job. Looks in pretty good nick, although I doubt that it's terribly stiff. Fast and powerful boat, and brilliant for estuary and sea sailing. You can have a crew of 3 if so desired although only one on the trapeze.
  2. I understand that Boris's wife was the squeeze at one time of the Sun journalist. They are still on very good terms evidently. That's handy isn't it.
  3. I'm willing to believe anything at the moment
  4. Pardon my interjection, but I think all of us outside of the Americas are wondering why the fuck Americans need guns when most of them seem to be shooting themselves in the foot, both literally and figuratively. Second Amendment my arse. Just looks like a mass wank from here.
  5. So the question was...... If Tempesta is so smart, why is he so hateful of Republicans? Why faff around. Just give a straight ansewer Which is, because he knows a c**t when he sees one.
  6. Nobody here in the UK is at all surprised by this. Happens all the time.
  7. It is. Marmite is much, much better. Great on toast, with or without peanut butter. Great with cheese, and a crumpet with marmite and a poached egg on, is food of the gods.
  8. Thank you Panoramix. I'm feeling much better about it now. It looks OK in that picture.
  9. That second one is most irritating thing I have seen in a long time.
  10. pierre

    Joe Ligon

    Well, the way things are going there in the USA, I fully expect work camps to spring up very soon. Looks to be headed in that direction.
  11. Love it. Get in there Norway. (and thanks for all the Christmas trees)
  12. Actually, if you watch "The Dig" on Netflix you'll see that he mixes with film stars galore as well..........It was filmed on his manor.
  13. Give it a chance!!! A way to go yet.
  14. He is currently having a monster wank in the Kremlin. Massive hard=on.
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