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  1. Not sure who Rick is, but he must have bent you over few times and showed you what it was really about.
  2. Seriously? look around. Most countries have a homogenous culture. America does not. This leads to conflict.
  3. Well fuck you too you piece of shit.
  4. This was black on black crime. It just happened in a school and now everyone is up in arms cause if fits the anti gun narrative. This kind of violence happens everyday in cities across the world and no one gives a shit.
  5. This incident is not a gun issue. It's a cultural issue.
  6. The guy has posted over 28k times on here. He is an expert at everything. His science is based on a political agenda.
  7. So when the 5th wave of this thing hits, are people with the 4th booster going to start blaming those that have only had 3 boosters?
  8. To help the owner get around the boat better.
  9. Who's going to be the first Anarchist to live here? Telosa, the Utopian City
  10. Dude, you’re not original. I don’t beat my wife and you do walk around in the parking lot with your gloves on 2 hours before the race starts. That’s assuming anyone even invites you to sail. if you’re so confident that everyone should get the vaccine, then you should go. Or are you saying the vaccine doesn’t work. As far as the slow response, i actually have a life outside of sitting on my computer waiting to reply to people that gets their rocks off arguing on this forum.
  11. Wouldn't that be similar to getting the vaccine and being asymptomatic and spreading it to everyone else. It does not prevent you from getting covid, only minimizes the possibilities of getting it and if you do, the symptoms will likely not be as bad. Are you still walking around the parking lot with your gloves on 2 hours before the race?
  12. A whiskey a day, keeps the virus away.
  13. I have never taken the flu shot because I have an allergy to the protein used to manufacture it. I also have never had the flu, stomach bug, or any other type of virus. I have been fortunate over my life to only been sick with walking pneumonia when i was a child. My wife is an elementary teacher and I have 3 kids that have been through the school system. They all have come home sick one time or another and I seemed to have some sort of immunity and took care of everyone and never came down with anything. My oldest child was home for the summer and contracted Covid. It was not a serious c
  14. So the vaccine has been approved and now they are saying you will need to get a booster. How long will you have to get the booster? Will you need to get the booster once, maybe twice a year? What will be the long term affects of multiple shots of the vaccine? Will we eventually see issues arise from mass doses? I’m good with a one time vaccine like we all took as kids. But taking this thing multiple times over a lifetime will have to lead to some issues.
  15. apparently it is to the Storm Trysail Club. They are requiring you to get a Covid vaccine or test to compete in their events.
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