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  1. https://bhyc.on.ca/learn-to-sail/visually-impaired-program/ Bronte Harbour Yacht Club in Ontario has had a program for years. I'm sure someone there would be willing to share some advice.
  2. I thought so too. But i'm often wrong.
  3. If snap shackles are a must. Electrical tape will be your friend. Just remember to leave a tail so you can un tape it quick.
  4. From my archives. Hopefully Ozzy can get you some better pictures.
  5. I believe two of them were done in Port Stanley. Not sure if there are others.
  6. This is how my vang used to be rigged back in the day. Scroll to the bottom of the link for instructions http://schrothfiberglass.com/RiggingforLaser.htm
  7. If your looking for a star mast I would just show up in miami for the bacardi cup and wait for someone to break one.
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