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  1. Yes, I agree on the above but the client was adamant on his brief and it wasn't for me to question his market research back in 2006:). He was based in Colorado but was looking globally. One design to fit all - which can't be done as you know. A little more beam, a more modern sail plan and she would have been a weapon as a comfortable cruiser. I would have ditched the wheel and aft helm seat as well and just went tiller. That would have saved weight and opened the cockpit. Just a commission that went side ways..... Happens.
  2. The K280 was a commission we did for an American client who wanted to go full production and who found a builder in China to build them. There were two built from what we were told but the boatbuilders and client had a big falling out on costs and the builders decided to go down a different route structurally to the drawings we did so not sure what was the end result. I heard she was overweight and over built, and the quality poor. Client walked away and the project was dead in the water. So not sure I can be of much help here for you, sorry. The weight for trailering was suppos
  3. great to have you back up and running. Safe and quick recovery mate!
  4. Davidson Ultimate 30 commissioned and owned by John MacLaurin. We have the original plans if anyone ends up purchasing her. Haven't looked at what is in there in a while but it's a fairly big roll.
  5. Minimum Headroom in Classse 950 rule is 1.8 metres (5'-11"). Most designers would customize to suit the client though.
  6. John Reekie is doing a very good job on our Class 950 in the UK (Thanks Huey 2 for pointing that out). Getting a lot of enquiry's but the 'home build' still scares people a little. http://www.dibleymarine.com/sail/sail/dibley950.html
  7. Comes with a traveller or a central mainsheet system.
  8. Hey, shouldn't I have first Dib's?..... After all..........
  9. Ha... A great design and one of the most enjoyable of clients. Just a heads up, Laurie Davidson only designed the bulb, but can't say his philosophy wasn't in my head when I was penning her up.
  10. Hang in there..... Keep that up and you'll have it all in the end!
  11. Hey Spoonie, Asking the build cost in oz or nz is like asking how long a piece of string is. Crazy times in the build market and very different from 10 years ago. Labour hours would be about 2,000 regardless though and yes we can look at cedar/grp. The cost savings here will be in not having to use a flash 'plug' as I presume you would be strip planking on temporary frames. With that said, bdu built his using strip plank foam on temporary frames.
  12. It's a shame really. I have to say though that even if the Class doesn't take off globally, the rule encourages stable, seaworthy, performance orientated yachts that would be a blast racing in a mixed fleet. It's still 'garbage in - garbage out' in regards to performance and aesthetics, but that should be sorted out early in the design process My fingers are crossed the Class takes off regardless.
  13. We have just sold the plans for one of our Classe 950's to a UK client so looks like there is some traction in the Classe. This version is having a lifting keel. Below is the fixed keel version which sold to an Italian home build. http://www.dibleymarine.com/sail/sail/dibley950.html
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