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  1. So Is the rudder on the Antrim inboard? I always like the rudder on the Henderson 30. An inboard cassette. The cassettes are great but not so good on the transom like the FT and Columbia 30/32.
  2. I did a lot of miles on a pre carbon Col 30 that was modded into a 32. Ordinal keel was changed to a heaver one. The 30 with the light keel was a broach machine, but planned easily. Rudder was way too short transom hung. Instead of putting on a heaver keel they should have lengthened the rudder. In swell less than a third of the rudder of a short rudder was bitting. The owners did get a new one made, but I still felt is was too short. Finally they did get a third rudder made and did well in PAC cup.
  3. Maybe. hA . You kinda pissed me off.
  4. Great advise. What a great company. It’s very sad that Frank Butler has passed away. Over the years I had the pleasure of having breakfast with him and the other principals at Catalina Yachts during Sail Expo. Jerry Douglas came down to San Diego to our local All Catalina fleet to talk one time. I hear he retired. A couple of people did mention the washer issue. I am glad l the OP got it resolved.
  5. Wow ! You don know me what a thing to say. I have around 50,000 NM of ocean racing and yacht delivery experience. So Actually I was at Catalina moored at Howlands landing when a huge swell hit. I can’t remember what caused it I think a hurricane down near Cabo. The harbor patrol moored near me moved his boat farther out and didn’t tell me a big swell was coming. I came back to my boat bobbing pretty good in a big swell. It was ok. Earlier in the day I went for a drive on inland Catalina with a fellow Geologist of my daughter who was project managing a new well for the West end due to a water s
  6. All kinds but did a TPac on a Columbia 32 along with CoastalCup, PV, Cabo, islands and Esenadas. A couple of CC on a Henderson 30 and Ensenadas.
  7. I agree. In higher winds you just reduce sail. Most FT’s don’t have offshore mains with 2 or 3 reefs. On the Hendo we used a whisker pole with 90% jib and double reefs and the Columbia we had a code 5 short hoist runner and double reefs above 20-25+ TW and still had 20+ knots BS with awesome control. With the reefs in, the boats were easy to jibe in big wind even with split back stay/ runners. Most people don’t realize that the majority of the winds in TPac are lower than 20knts. A boat that cam plane in the light stuff can sail a shorter course closer to the high with greater VMG. Of
  8. No doubt a very cool boat. I look forward to seeing her results. The FT would be a budget weapon for TPac I think. The Antrim put up impressive speed numbers on the lighter run into SD on the Islands race. She will be one to watch. With lighter air speed VMG running a shorter course to HI will be the hot ticket depending on conditions.
  9. I did Tpac, Cabo, PV, Costal cup and Islands, etc,
  10. The Antrim is quite the weapon tp. They had a great race. I look forward to watching TPac .
  11. I am surprised no has taken an FT and spiffed it up with a make over and done a Transpac on it. After seeing how well the Antrim did in the Islands race it is going to be a boat to watch. I still think a reinforced and preped FT would do really well. Heck I did a Tpac on a Columbia 32.
  12. Also I am not sure about c34 rudder stuffing box but the C30 are notorious for breaking loose from the lower post due to the above mentioned slop that develops. So the whole stuffing box would rotate inside the lower tube. I repaired my several times finally got it fixed. If it is loose you will get water into the boat when the boats aquas while powering. The rudder tube is above water line at rest or sailing, but not while motoring. It took me a while to find this.
  13. So I had to replaced my Cat 30 rudder after hitting storm damage pier debris . Before that my cable tubes were misaligned with the quadrant from the factory. It took 15 years to saw through the guides on the cable tubes. If that Edson has the “Easy glide cable tubes “ and not sheeves at the pedestal I would check there. I wish I had installed new sheeves at the bottom the pedestal instead of new cable tubes and ends. The plastic spacer/ bearing on top of the old rudder was completely worm out allowing the rudder to ride up against the hull. Also under the emergency tiller head is a plasti
  14. That pic of Splendor drew me in. What a beautiful boat. The Ed is right about DC’s skills. I have sailed with him a few times on a good friends boat who happens to be a really goof friend of DC. DC is super focused when sailing an over all a great experience. One time before we really met a captain friend and I were waiting for a ride to pick us up from the hotel Coral in Ensenada. We were going down there to deliver a boat back to San Diego. We were standing on the curb in front of the Bali Hai restaurant on Shelter Island and DC pulls up and stops and asks us if we need a ride. He saw us
  15. I always thought the FT 10 would be a great boat for the T pac . Carefully prepped. I did it on a Col 32 and did many costal runs(SF to SB) on a Hendo 30 . Flexible solar panels, lithium batteries, Maybe a 2.0 -4.0 Torqeedo and 2kw Honda for continuous running, and spare rudders. 4 crew max.Not sure where they might need to be reinforced.
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