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  1. IMR


    It’s going to be a full shit show to get everything cleaned up and the e rudder on. guessing they had a kite up, staysail, full main and a stack of sails. Rudder goes and boat goes head to wind. Kite backs into the mast, stack pulled the boat around into a tack now everything is on the wrong side of the boat. Takes a bit to figure out what’s going on, get shit on deck sorted and check below to make sure the hulls not leaking. then after all of that the boats still sailing in circles at like 5 knots. Have to deploy a sea anchor( aka a storm jib tied to a sheet) to try and s
  2. Why do we have two threads for Transpac?
  3. Looks like the rating are still moving. Rufless dropped back to .9072 from .9137. What’s going on at orr?
  4. Sorry, I am not racing this year I thought there was a Thursday start. Covid messed everything up for my planning.
  5. big eddy in effect. Feel bad for the first wave of boats they are not going to make it far today. The synoptic wind is pulled well offshore it might take them another day to get to it. should return to normal by the next starts on Thursday
  6. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1999/j-boats-j-125-3839527/
  7. 1 in 20 boats finish without a headstay in Hawaii races. The h33 sailed a amazing race and also finished without a headstay. Congratulations Kyle
  8. Wow nice work Rufus. WE got Hammer down to 0.9195 for the 19 transpac and we thought that was good
  9. Build a pin head main and set up a fixed backstay.
  10. The quick stop would scare me on some of the fragile boats. The canter would be one I would not want to just crash tack gybe. The multi hull is also one that boat handling need to be well thought out. for 99% of the club racers the quick stop makes a lot of sense.
  11. Don’t measure from the outside, measure from centerline. Some boats are not symmetrical side to side.
  12. We found the staysail only helpful over 18 knots tws. Under that it slowed us down, get one and do some testing.
  13. if you can get a line to the them, and they tie it to their harness or around the body. We then tie this to the rail something strong, clip the spin halyard onto the line going to the mob. Now you have two to one on the mob in the water and are pulling them up and in to the boat. Way less time pounding next to the boat and much quicker.
  14. This is generally an instrument issue. Either speedos off side to side or twa is off. It takes a lot of time to get twa right and is easy to have all f*cked up.
  15. On the moore 24 we launch out of the bow hatch. Inshore we always take the kite down on the port side of the boat so it’s ready to set at the next windward mark. This generally looks like; pole away (we store it on the starboard side of the boom), then grab port sheet and blow halyard. One guy does all of this and then hits the rail. The kite is small and comes down quickly.
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