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  1. Bar Karate is the only sailing pod worth listing to. But since I have stopped commuting I dont get to listen all that often
  2. I don’t hate the bow team, they get excited when we execute a good move. Now they were not excited by the outcome of that shit show. For the record the bow team all stayed on the boat. We did have some one in the middle of the boat outside the fence in the wipe out. He went over the top Lifelines, I saw him going over and dropped everything to grab him and pull him back into the cockpit. He did loose a hat some maybe we could get a go fund me page set up for a new hat.
  3. So we were out practicing for the 2018 RBBS. Often on the Sunday bay tour race you need to go from a a3 to an a2 in the gybe. It’s a typical San Francisco Bay summer afternoon, small edd tide, breeze 18 to 20 tws. So we set the boat up for a gybe peel with a Mexican drop of the a3 after the gybe. New tack line out clew halfway back the weather side of the boat, 3,2,1 … swing boat down. Mast man rings the bell on the host new kites drawing before the main comes over. Main comes across, and for a second everything going to work. Driver stops the swing up and it all goes pear shaped.
  4. I don’t see anything wrong with that photo. It’s glassed off so the eased that backstay to power up. nothing to see here folks
  5. When ever we would get the 125 really smoking along the dam paddle wheels would pop out of the water. Boat was set up with port and starboard speedos, we joked around about putting in an aft set but thought that was overkill.
  6. depending on the power budget I have either have the laptop, wifi and tablet on 100% of the time, or I just flip on the laptop for 10 minutes and update the grib for the next few hours and set a waypoint out a few days.
  7. FYI you will save a lot of power switching to a 12v laptop charger rather than a inverter. laptops generally run on 18 to 20 volts. So using a inverter steps up 12v to 120v then the laptop charger steps 120v down to 18v. The result is a lot of heat and waisted power. vs going from 12v up to 18v. Less power consumption.
  8. We made it to Hawaii with one 27w panel, after one died. We didn’t have a lot of extra power but it’s possible. We had two 60amphour batteries.
  9. Before you put a tack line on a sym kite, why not just run two poles. That’s how we jibed cal 40’s in big breeze offshore. square back, set new pole, jibe main, remove old pole. It’s super easy and can be done mostly from the cockpit.
  10. Yes this was on the green moore, that was in Dana point for years.
  11. We Chicken Jibed in the 2016 Pac Cup, we did this right after a Chinese gybe. We were surfing hard with A2.5 up, full main in about 24 TWS, of course its about 2 am. I am down in my bunk getting some much needed rest after 3 hour on the helm. A puff hits and its a lift, bad news when we were sailing pole back and running, kite rotates to weather, and down we go. I woke up to the "oh shit" call from on deck, instantly the boats on its side mast in the water held down by the A2.5 now turned into a sea anchor. I get to the hatch and the main comes flying over slamming into the water, no
  12. Staysails are defiantly specialty sails. I have had good luck with GS (Genoa Staysails) and SS (Spinnaker Staysails) on a lot of boats. For around the cans stuff you need the crew work dialed in so that its not slowing the boat down setting it up. If the #3's up at the top mark, we generally leave it up until the first gybe. The bow team will host the SS and we drop the J3 in the gybe and deploy the SS once the kite fills. The GS is used on a long reach inside either a J1 sheeted out board, or a JT. They do help balance the helm on long reaching legs, great for point to point r
  13. This ^^^ I have done this a few times. Everything off the boat and only the required back on. You will be surprised at how much comes off.
  14. IMR


    https://scores.collegesailing.org/s21/gill-sailing-national/sailors/ Here is a list of registered sailors at the event.
  15. You should be able to easily turn it by hand. You might need to loosen the packing nut on the stuffing box.
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