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  1. My dad still owns one of those old classics. Sunda was a Seaborn designed 35 footer. Built in 1941 at the Blanchard shipyard in Seattle and then bought by Carl Schumacher father and moved to So Cal as their family boat. Sunda won the N2E overall in the late 50’s. Still a blast to sail today, so long as you like going 6 knots on all points of sail. Let me see if I can dig up some of the old photos.
  2. 179 twa is the downwind target in 0 to 25 knots.
  3. Could just data log and make a polar.
  4. We just sounded the tanks daily and tried to keep a prudent amount of water on board. General we made water daily and would run it for about 1 hour.
  5. We found that we had to start the watermaker first and then start the motor. But we were using the sail drive water inlet for both the motor and the watermaker pick up. Over about 12 knots boat speed we would get cavitation from the dedicated watermaker thru-hull, so we switched to using the sail drive. If we started the motor first the watermaker was not happy with the negative line pressure to prime. we charged at about 2000 rpm just when the motor would smooth out and alternator output reached max amps.
  6. Where is the SA write up. Would like to read it some day.
  7. Sounds like is sold and is going to SoCal.
  8. My wife and I also got our second (Pfizer) shoot yesterday. I slept about 10 hours and woke up feeling like a had a few YC Dark and Stormies (we didnt drink last night), she woke up 3 times during the night and had a low grade fever. We are both feeling better this morning with coffee. From what we have heard from other friends everything clears about in about 24 hours.
  9. I worry about the point load that they pole will see on the hoop of the bow roller. That looks like the pole will fold up there even with a bobstay.
  10. Didn't buy a SeaCart, but I have been sailing on one a few times recently.
  11. need to know the boat type. A Dacron main on a Moore 24, not a problem. A Dacron main on a Sea Cart 30, I don't think it would work but if it did it would not last long and I don't think it would like the downhaul being ground on with a which.
  12. The barge race sucked.
  13. I got the Pfizer shoot two weeks back, I go in on the 31st for the second.
  14. the silver boat, ex double trouble. Its been listed since 2018, they dropped pricing to $280K in 2019 I would bet it could be had for less. Need new sails, only sails that are race serviceable are a newer A2 and a MHG(Screecher) all other sails are from 2016 and older. http://www.sailcal.com/boats-for-sale/1999-j-boats-j-125-j-125-alameda-california-6870091/
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