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  1. Eh, either Herbie or "Hillary is a secret lizard person"one of them had to be true, I just know it!
  2. I really like that video, but I don't see the foot tension running into the mainsheet at all, how would compression (pulling fwd) translate into a load on the car or sheet when the liner is linearly pulling straight down? Also I would posit that perhaps the jerk traveler is caused by the load of the mainsheets running fwd and binding the car on the track
  3. I really really hope ETNZ (assuming a win) don't shop the venue. That was disastrous for Oracle in 2017 in terms of fans, and even though a huge majority of NZ fans can be obnoxious chest thumpers, it's such a cool team and I don't think any of the B backed or corporate teams will ever be quite as exciting in the modern era. Hard to imagine the energy staying the same if it's Emirates Team New Zealand Presented by Tai Po Megamall C Hong Kong.
  4. That was not great racing, but still cool to watch these boats go around. Tempting to say the AC75 is seriously flawed that boats are spending so much time in the water sailing away from the mark, but then again some boats have managed it. Aside from "don't break the boat bigly" the lesson I'm taking away in terms of design is that the you needed a boomless main to compete here. The nearly limitless control is needed to get the boats moving in the light air. Given how much more sophisticated Te Rehutai's seems to be compared to LR, assuming the other design elements
  5. What a bizarre filing on the strop idea. The thought of one of these boats just tying something structural on is silly. What's not silly is if this was somehow related to Ineos' quickfix on the cunningham, but not sure that the ruls mandage that connection apply to controls like the cunningham at all. Weird.
  6. My guess would be that they're happy to sail without, and just wanted the aero effect so had people on shore doing a lot of filing to see if they could get away with it. Would be awesome if they have a secret weapon using the stays to do.... something else?... but I doubt it.
  7. Thank you for the interesting responses. My own feeling is the GB would have benefitted more. For whatever reason, they seem to have had some much needed mods coming in just in time for the start of the Prada Cup. They seem to have a boat with decent top end that they've managed to get a handle on. They have already showed a very good system of communication loops during real racing, so I can imagine that having time to test hardware and software in a setting where they define the timing and pace was probably quite helpful. For LR it does seem like the sailing in anger was beneficial, a
  8. Question: Would you rather be Prada, and have had the chance to test your performance against another boat, albeit a hobbled one, or would you rather be Ineos, who has had the chance to test and tune the entire time without the setup and ancillary time spent on racing? I know the shore team and engineeers would prefer to be testing and sailing on their own schedule.
  9. Alternative yank spelling is to bellow the middle bit, so it's "tee re HOOO tie!" Picture the HOOO as the horn sound in "awhooogah!"
  10. Ah, that's a photoshop as a joke, not real
  11. I think he's been remarkably careful about the hats he wears. His commentary has been really good for this and other ACs, and while it has to be awkward to provide analysis of products in which he has a stake he's been pretty restrained. On one of the Shirley talks he was going out of his way to both be upfront about his need to be precise when talking about the teams using Norths products and also complimentary about things AM were doing with sails. And honestly, most of us seem to be reaching the same conclusion he did, is he supposed to just ignore an element of the boat design
  12. I've had a similar thought, not about weather helm exactly but as far as boat balance they seem to run out of ways to depower the main quite early, and I'm not talking about the capsize exactly, but in regular sailing they're hitting the stops on the traveler quite often.
  13. The bit on the foot is for endplating but what the heck is the middle leech bit about? GoPro mount?
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