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  1. Because they are not dicks, and probably want to get to the bar asap. It's over, no one lodged a valid protest and no one finishing now would care. There are rules for protests too. I wish WOXI had done the right thing, and I'm not sure they did but it's up to the competitors to protest if WOXI doesn't retire. And there is no reason they should retire as they have clearly stated that they thought they were transmitting. Richo's statement at the dock is not conclusive because he was asked about a tracker.. not AIS. Investigative journalism is not in that person's future. PS- I am ha
  2. you are dick. The switch could be there for the reasons i previously stated which has nothing to do with any engineers opinion. i was simply stating that they are not guilty if it is possible to turn AIS off which you could clearly read...
  3. You were asking how to explain it to non sailors. You’re all over the shop with your opinions. The protest was dismissed.
  4. Maybe u could explain there are rules about protests too. All rules should be adhered to.
  5. Turns out it was a great race. Good outcome but probably lucky to get away with it. The umpire has made their call.
  6. It won’t be DSQ IMHO. The sailing instructions allow for alternate penalties that differ from RRS.
  7. How about guilty, no penalty. A shot across the bow for all competitors without ruining the outcome of a great race.
  8. This may be a valid option in some races where it's not mandatory. I can see why cruising boats would want this option. Not valid in this case but no reason to suggest anything untoward simply because they have the ability to turn it off.
  9. Is this really a thing for pleasure boats? Is it AMSA or state regs? If this is correct why would it need to be in the Sailing Instructions?
  10. No one should be saying they cheated. It appears they didn't comply with the SI hence the protest. It doesn't matter if it was only an error.
  11. It matters in the context of my post which was about them being called cheats.
  12. Hard to explain it to the punters. It's like when MH370 went missing.... the internet is not everywhere.
  13. Is it serious Doctor? They didn't use the autopilot did they?
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