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  1. You'll need to split the trip into two years. Eastern stuff (Bermuda+ Great Lakes) if you're quick on deliveries and then Western stuff (Big Boat Series + Transpac) since they run the TP and Bermuda race in opposite years. If you're touring the Great Lakes, you should include the Bayview-Mack as well. Splash in Lake Huron and run the byc-mack, sail down to chicago for the chi-mack the following weekend, then the ugotta regatta in harbor springs is the third weekend. Pull it in Harbor at Irish boat shop and ship it to where ever you need it for the next race. Maybe Key west, BVI and Antigu
  2. Also found another which shows a lot of bow digging in. On the plus side, they added lifelines up front
  3. Life lines for the afterguard, but still hating on the bowman. who's gonna raise their hand to swap headsails with no toe rail and no life lines?
  4. Good for him! Wish i had the resources to pull off the moves he's made the last three years. So what happens to Evo then? Didn't like it that Details was selling so wanted to get out as well? Or just realized how awesome J/125's are...
  5. Looks like someone finally bought her...anyone have the inside scoop? where's she going?
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