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  1. Canada has already started to build the wall, using local materials and labour:
  2. I have to stop you right there, BJ. Food is *definitely* not a right, it is a good, and this is where many who think they can do good go off the rails, and perhaps enrage their opponents, simply by using the wrong words. I happen to think that in any civilized society those with excess should provide some level of support for the truly disadvantaged. Like give them enough food to eat. It's not their right, but it is our responsibilty. I think the major problem downstairs is that y'all are so politicized, you are beyond thinking clearly, on any side of the big issues. ^^^This.
  3. Maybe the prediction-markets are a better place to look for your political polls? At least the predictors have skin in the game (reference: Nassim Taleb). https://www.forbes.com/sites/jonathanponciano/2020/11/02/online-betting-markets-trump-victory-polls-biden-election/?sh=42f253f76c51
  4. Aaaah... Thanks Mid. And that's fewer homos, lonely-boy. At least be syntactically, if not politically-correct, puhlease. From Canada and not having a dog in this race, I just hope y'all assemble the feces and settle down some. The noise from the neighbours can be overwhelming. I actually agree. But it is not a "right", it is a responsibility, and it takes resources, and shouldn't involve enrichening a vast vampire-class of lawyers and insurers to get it done.
  5. Is anyone else around here sick and fucking tired of looking at BJ's Hallberg-Rassy? If you were actually an environmentalist, BJ, you'd take that stupid pic away and save the world a ton of wasted internet bandwidth.
  6. Maybe it's a lie Even if it's a sin They'll repeat the rumor again.
  7. @Willin' here is my RLJ favourite: "The vice is nice they stay in the back all day, but when night-time comes, hey hey..."
  8. Listening to "right now"? Myself in the shower singing "The Rumour" by The Band. Open up your arms, and feel the good:
  9. Two female sailors are overheard talking on the dock: "... yeah, but I hear the owner is a real stud"
  10. Who says strap-ons can only be used below-decks?
  11. "There, that oughta spruce the rig up a bit." PS I mis-spelled fjord, above. sue me for solecism
  12. Owner is a parrothead pining for the fiords...
  13. "It was the only way I could figure out how to get twelve knots!"
  14. What is "gudgeon" doing in the right-hand column above??? Huh? Shakespeare was clearly a mammering clay-brained pintle-head, and not a sailor.
  15. Yes, come to think of it, why restrict ourselves to the three-column rule? Excellent work.
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