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  1. Shes up a while now. Looking for a 34-36 footer for cruising and been trying to convince the missus to go up and have a look at her but she's set on a Najad.
  2. One for sale in Dublin, newish boat which had little use. €169,500. https://afloat.ie/resources/marine-industry-news/trade-news/j-boats-grand-soleil/item/51792-j-99-juggerknot-ii-on-the-market-with-key-yachting
  3. One fugly looking yoke thats missing half a mast
  4. With the way the navys falling to pieces there could be accommodation in Haulbowline and for a few extra euros the chance to charter your private mini navy boat
  5. The extent of my americas cup library. Got this sometime back about 95 or 96. Wasnt a bad read and some good action shots
  6. Not a chance, whinging and whining has been bred into them for generations
  7. That's serious money for a mini tonner
  8. I wouldn't say that was a "leak" inside the boat, more like why the **** are the floor boards floating and water pissing in
  9. She's up for auction at the moment
  10. Everyone bar the bowman through the cockpit on tacks. Those coachroofs don't make stacking the rail with extra weight easy
  11. Fresh out of the box winning is first irc regatta in Ireland week before last https://afloat.ie/sail/events/sovereigns-cup/item/50885-howth-evans-brothers-celebrate-j-99-snapshot-success-at-sovereign-s-cup
  12. She is lovely looking but ive a bias when it comes to Ceccarelli tons. She's very similar to to Per Elisa and his 1/4s. That keel looks very light aswell
  13. Runners, checkstays, probably an ior keel, ripe for having a serious wad of cash thrown into it by someone with more money then sense
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