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  1. She is lovely looking but ive a bias when it comes to Ceccarelli tons. She's very similar to to Per Elisa and his 1/4s. That keel looks very light aswell
  2. Runners, checkstays, probably an ior keel, ripe for having a serious wad of cash thrown into it by someone with more money then sense
  3. Was there a Whitbread 38 or 40 designed aswell by a South African? Think was the designer of sticky fingers the W30
  4. Buying the boats the cheap part
  5. 2 little Italians. Ceccarelli mini tons. Probably about 1986
  6. The mount gay/whitbread30 never took off as a class. Fun looking boat for the 90s
  7. Humphreys 1/2 tonner The Big picture (previously Red Eye) https://hyc.ie/buy-and-sell/937-modified-half-tonner
  8. Rotting away in Trondheim, Norway. Frers 51 Moonduster
  9. Volvo Dun Laoghaire regatta in Ireland is off https://afloat.ie/sail/events/volvo-dun-laoghaire-regatta/item/50163-volvo-dun-laoghaire-regatta-2021-cancels-amid-ongoing-covid-uncertainty
  10. Ron Holland 2 tonner that was for sale. Not sure what she was in her former life. Nice looking conversion job to a cruiser https://www.uwjachtmakelaar.nl/en/sailboat/173042/ron-holland-42-ior-2-ton-cup/
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Not been ruled out and creating more interest in something different. Whats the difference in a mk1 & 2? Also are the seating areas designed to be berths
  12. Looking to add another boat into the collection but want something a bit more cruisy and comfortable. Looking in Europe so the usual beneteaus, hanse etc pop up but 2 Catalina 36s have shown up in a search today. Boats look decent and in budget. There not a boat known to few people I've asked so would appreciate any comments or feedback from state side
  13. 97/98 merit cup & silk cut
  14. Fulk lockdown here so nothing happening. Keelboat and laser winter series in our clubs cancelled and club aren't encouraging anyone to go out. They're still planning ahead for spring/summer sailing in the hope it will go ahead
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