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  1. Seems to be working just fine for me with the Opera browsers built in free VPN set to Europe. Watching on YouTube.
  2. Seems to me if it's the Rimas Cup the trophy should be molded from Idahoan Buttery Homestyle Instant Mashed Potatoes.
  3. But the difference??? Look at all the anarchists on this thread who are willing to chip in $20 for Crazy Ivan. I doubt anyone here donated to HotRod, despite his solicitations. I"m in for at least $20... $100 if he names the boat "Crazy Ivan" +1!!!
  4. http://youporn.com/watch/334591/shay-auditions-and-strips/ Enjoy! Too bad she doesn't do hardcore. Hopefully she'll cave and start before she is totally old and used up. -czo
  5. I think maybe Reid needs to call up Sam Davies on the sat phone... maybe she'd turn around for him and jump ship. After all, she, per her recent posts, seems to be a fellow lover of shipboard sprouts... I wonder if she also has a 50 pound supply of parmesan on her open cheese 60. - Czo
  6. Wow! What a drop dead gorgeous boat you have! I just love the look, you've inspired me to waste so much time at work looking for other boats from this designer and other similar boats. Probably the Swede 55 is too much for me to ever dream of, but maybe some day the smaller S30 or some such boat. Ever since I found out you have this boat on L. Champlain I've been getting sore necks from constantly looking around for it when I'm out sailing. If you ever find yourself out on the lake being stalked by some guy in a lake champlain community sailing center or international sailing school boat.
  7. Seems something funky is going on with THe Lede. I posted two comments, posted the second as a much toned down version of the first caused it wasn't being posted. Interestingly, no comments have gone up since the first from "a stoic stowe". Figured maybe no one was around to check them cause of the holiday weekend, but it looks like some other comments on other leading peices were put up as late as the morning of the 4th. Twill be interesting to see what happens. -Czo
  8. Uhm... While this is totally irrelevant to the rest of this thread... Daniel Defoe would often claim his books to be non-fiction/biography/autobiography when they were in fact his own fiction. Or in the case of Robinson Crusoe, perhaps very very loosely based upon the Scottish castaway Alexander Selkirk. Indeed, in Robinson Crusoe, Defoe claim that the book is a true story, written by Robinson Crusoe himself. Weed still blows Robinson Crusoe's goats. -Czo
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