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  1. it's a vicious circle: if you have no funding, you can only afford a comms intern...if you don't have good comms it's hard to get more funding...
  2. Fair enough i think i was seeing Linkedout as the favourite, probably out of habit from the VG and because i'm French, but you're correct to point that crewed "short-distance" racing is a different beast. Should be interesting to watch (and who knows Corum may surprise us!)
  3. There might also be some drama with the couples and with the ex-skippers/ex-navigators being crew (Joss, Bidegorry...). Hope that it all stays civil though and that the best win!
  4. Let's hope that Burton's initial penalty for crossing the line too early won't come bite him!!!
  5. From the tracker it looks like both Bestaven and Seguin are now going upwind (North-East)... and Seguin is down to 6knts... why would they do that? can't be that good for VMG... Are the other overlays showing a different situation? Btw: Le Cam used to say "if in doubt, go West"
  6. That's a shame... i'm really hoping that Bestaven or Seguin do something great... they have been truly inspirational so far.
  7. Go Bestaven and go Damien Seguin!!!
  8. Remember that if the boat captain earns EUR50k, the team is probably paying close to EUR100k once you factor taxes, pension, social security, medicare etc...
  9. And she apologises to her family for complaining to them all the time sounds rough...
  10. Explaining that she felt so down that she couldn't stop crying for no reason yesterday... and that while she did she found some reasons to as in a couple of hours her main sheet traveler broke and her J2 got a small tear.
  11. I think he should do his 'repairs' in Tahiti, at least that would be worth leaving les Sables
  12. Actually what do the SIs and Regs say? Is it no longer compulsory to have traditional maps, sextant and UHF (or similar receiver) when being more than 200m offshore?
  13. It would be quite a development if he did choose to continue "blind". I assume he couldn't use a routing software etc. But he probably still has a handheld GPS or similar. And does he have back up e-maps... i don't dare to suggest paper maps Would be quite the old school RTW... taking the mini spirit to a larger scale.
  14. +1 for Dutreux... as incredible as Le Cam... Seguin also doing great (esp considering he is a handi-racer)
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