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  1. I know 6 or so boats locally that quit doing Mac race due to overall cost. Entry fee, safety equip cost, rating system cost, island expenses, etc. The serious racers are likely to go anyway. Some will complain about the costs. But, for the occasional racers or people that these races are on their bucket list the cost of these events is moving farther out of reach.
  2. I did manage to get a couple of days of ice boating in this year. I am already looking forward to next season.
  3. For 2021: The Trans Superior and the PH Mac solo races are both seriously being considered. Work-life balance such that I can race in our local regular weekly races again. (I have missed the last couple years) Get my son comfortable enough to go racing with me more during our local races. Take the boat away for a long weekend or 2. We have done long trips, but every time we plan a weekend the weather ends up TERRIBLE so we cancel. Actually fly the blooper on my boat. I have had one for a few years now, but haven't had it flying on the boat yet.
  4. I use a free flying Dazy staysail as my windseeker on my C&C 35. It has a rope luff and light weight sheet attached. The tack is a snap shackle on a short line so that I can attach it on the rail or on the bow cleat at centerline depending on the conditions. It's bag is a spinnaker type bag, with the tack shackle through a grommet in the bag so the bag stays on deck with the sail. Dousing on the deck is simply packing it back in the bag. So it can stay on deck, rigged and ready if you decide to change up to the genoa in case you want to go back to the dazy.
  5. This is what I was going to type almost word for word. The only thing I will add is that when singlehanding with my drifter, if I need to not hang onto it for a bit I wrap it around a winch a couple of times and then half hitch it to one of the handrails on my deck.
  6. The current issue with Diesel engines is that the emission controls are mostly in contrast to what is otherwise good for the engine. They restrict exhaust flow and retain heat. Both of which rob an engine of power and longevity. Improvements in the performance of these systems increases their complexity, costs and maintenance schedules. I believe diesel outboards are possible. Without emission controls they may be feasible. With emission controls, a bit complex and expensive compared to gas engines. At least currently.
  7. I believe the JV does allow outside assistance though. So the shore team can do the routing and navigation or at least assist with this. Neither are endeavors to take lightly.
  8. I see that in the screenshots posted here. Wish I had more time to study the data. But, I don't. That's why I didn't even bother with the virtual race this time, it would just get frustrating without the time to properly put in an effort. I became an AT fan over the last decade due to his media output being plentiful, high quality, and in English. All of that I still think holds true. But, there are many other skippers putting out good content this time. The auto translate on the videos isn't perfect, but helps. Overall, this has been a very fun race to watch so far.
  9. I don't really have the time to take a look at all of the routing and forecasting data. I review what is posted here briefly, when I can. But, to me it looks like AT is getting into a position where if the boats coming behind him manage to cut the corner he could lose big. He must have some confidence in his routing, or it is a mistake, or possibly he is slow at the moment for some undisclosed reason. Interesting to watch for sure.
  10. I must admit that I am an AT fan. Have been for quite a few years now. I definitely was hoping that he beat Charal in this race. But, I didn't want it to be this way. (Yes, I know there is a LOT of race yet to go.) I wish Jeremie the best of luck with reeling in the fleet and having a safe trip!
  11. I didn't know if the trackers would be accurate enough to show the difference for sure. I singlehand my 35 ft boat enough to have a lot of respect for how difficult that would be.
  12. On these IMOCA 60's when they talk of gybing the boat in 40 knots of air solo, will they be gybing or would they chicken gybe?
  13. Third reef slipped.... Which was dangerous because it could have damaged the main.
  14. Yup! I will lose way to much time analyzing this over the next few days.
  15. I second signing the kid up for some sailing camps. A lot of yacht clubs do lessons for adults too, might be possible to do them together. Can the kid swim well? If not, I would definitely get him in swimming lessons as well. It is a lot easier to be comfortable on a boat, especially a small boat, if a person can swim. I always try to steer people with no experience away from rushing to buy a boat. Take lessons. Find a club that you can join and use their boats. Find someone looking for crew and go out sailing or racing. Get at least some time on the water before makin
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