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  1. I always thought something was going on with him. This doesn't surprise me at all.
  2. And fair enough too. If you are going to buy one, they kind of have to have one to sell. I think there is a worldwide shortage of cars, might not be the best time to get a great deal on anything, but then getting a good deal could mean waiting a year, who knows at this point.
  3. I didn't see that, I'm going to buy one of those for my wife's car!
  4. While you are still shopping around you may want to add the Subaru Outback and Ascent to your list. I have a 2011 Outback, had it for a couple of years and it's a great car (not a truck though). The eyesight system is really good, even my 10 year old version is and I'm sure it has only gotten better since. Had a small issue with it and took it to a Subaru dealer, I didn't buy it from them but they were still really helpful, something you hear about Subaru dealers worldwide. Might not be your cup of tea, but I think it needs to go on your maybe list.
  5. I'm not sure either. Some guys would get it on the trailer every time and some guys would just not. Guess it depends on who owns it.
  6. I wonder what the traction control of my Subaru would think of this. I see flaws.
  7. So Mel. You started a thread hoping to start an conversation. Because generally that's why people start threads. Then complained that people engaged in conversation with you?
  8. I saw reports somewhere in the interweb that an oil slick has been reported. Seems like it exceeded crush depth. Hopefully over quickly for the crew.
  9. Can we please keep the letters in alphabetical order, like it should be. Thanks.
  10. That is possibly the best way I have ever seen that said. Electric cars are the future. We just aren't in the future yet. So far they are very good. But they are not great yet. And the incandescent light bulb still has a place even today.
  11. A cop is eating lunch at a diner when he overhears a elderly couple, maby in there 80s, talking. The man says "do you remember this place?" The woman awnsers "of course. Behind this diner is where we first had sex." The man says "what do you say we do it again?" The woman giggles and says "why not?" And they both get up to leave. The cop was taken aback by this and was curious so he decides to follow them. He follows them as they slowly walk behind the dinner. When they go behind the diner he decides he will just stay there to make sure no one bothers them. He then wat
  12. A new farmer doesn't know where to start, so he enlists the help of his neighbor, a man who has run a successful farm for many years. "What must I do to be a successful farmer?, he asks. The old timer says, "First you must go to the market and buy a pullet (female chicken) and a cock (male chicken). While you are there, also buy yourself an ass (donkey) to help you carry them back to the farm." So the new farmer does as the old man says, and is in the middle of riding the ass back to the farm when it stops in the middle of the road, refusing to take another step. The new farmer can't do m
  13. A man is standing naked on a street corner. A cop walks up and tells him "Sir you can't be doing that here unless you have a good excuse, I am going to take you to jail." Yes Sir I have a good excuse. I was at my girlfriend's apartment... we started drinking... next thing you know she jumps up and says... "Lets get naked and go to town. " I guess I beat her here.
  14. An old man is sitting on his porch, and sees a kid walking by carrying a roll of duck tape. Old guy yells out "Hey kid! Where you going with that duck tape?" "Gonna catch me some ducks!" says the kid. "What? You can't catch ducks with duck tape!" he yells back, but the kid continues on his way. Couple hours later, the kid is walking back the other way, carrying 4 ducks wrapped up in duck tape. The old man can't believe it. Next day, the old guy is sitting on his porch again and sees the kid walking by, this time he's got a roll of chicken wire under his arm. Old guy yells o
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