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  1. Is that front grille photo-shop? they don't sell those cars around here, so serious question.
  2. Truth is it was Chapman. Too soon?
  3. New Zealand is one big earthquake zone. I could go a week with only needing to get water, but I can do that via mountain bike from a stream if needed. Two weeks if we really stretched the supplies. Solar flare would really mess thing up too.
  4. Well that's gotta suck. https://news.sky.com/video/lebanon-beirut-plunged-into-darkness-as-countrys-electricity-grid-shuts-down-12430109 Guess when you run outta money the fuel supply stops also. Any closet preppers got any suggestions?
  5. Every single car out there has known defects and recalls. They just do. Just have to filter through and pick the one with the ones that bother you the least. I have a CVT, the problem is not so much that they are gutless but more that the perception of acceleration isn't the same, you don't have that feeling of acceleration because the engine note doesn't change much and no gear changes. Some manufactures have actually gone to fake gear changes to combat this, which seems daft to me.
  6. Alcohol, darts and fireworks. I thought your were retired? Why are you still looking for job security?
  7. Slight correction. The Mainland is doing fine.
  8. That's brilliant! And knowing my wife's handbag, it will take her 6 month's to find it!
  9. I love how as soon as you put it into a mathematical equation, Valis got it.
  10. It was actually intended as a serious suggestion. don't know if you can get one where you are though. Called a Buzzy Bee.
  11. you might need to be more specific. I think that the sheep came with them.
  12. Thanks. That looks well, practical. In NZ you would have to register that and no cycle lanes because over 300W. you might want to look at your local regulations before you purchase if that is an issue to you.
  13. I can't visit their website because I have an ad-blocker? Isn't the site an actual add? Can you post a link? I come up some random crap when I try that website.
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