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  1. Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.
  2. Any thoughts on the boat's potential to develop an OD fleet on the GLs? Will 105 owners want to move to a 111? Seems a bit expensive for an OD fleet to take off...
  3. I can't find results for the Hood anywhere either. Anyone? Me neither... They're posted now at Susan Hood Results That was one of the best Susan Hood races in recent memory. Enough wind and rain to keep it interesting with one hell of a lightning show. Never thought I'd have fun flying a chute in a lightning storm in the middle of the night...
  4. The windward-leeward format is not the best place to try racing for the first time. Going downwind with the chute up, you have to worry about people coming upwind etc. This did not happen much in the days of triangles. The racing scene I remember from the late 70s/80s was more social, more recreational than it is now. I suggest that this young fellow consider doing some of the distance races on Lake Ontario, in particular, the short-handed series. The starts are more relaxed, you get to race on all points of sail, and the atmosphere is much closer to what I recall from my youth. There
  5. I can't find results for the Hood anywhere either. Anyone? Me neither...
  6. Has Weed been around the Horn more than once? Whatever. We are less disdainers, more skeptics. Stowe should put us in our place and do another quick lap of the planet for the hell of it. Even his hero Moitessier did his lap plus the sail to Paradise in less than a year. Aside from what some perceive as character flaws, a sailing community would be more supportive of Stowe's efforts if he actually sailed and spent less time portraying his motionless state as adventurous voyaging. And also explained why this educational voyage of scientific study for humanity and space explorat
  7. Right on. This thread was hilarious when it began and it seems it's drifting into the pathetic. I hope nobody got deviated hundreds of nm over two idiots not blogging for 3 days. BTW, the .net site just posted that they talked to them and they are fine.
  8. I've had humpback whales come to within 5' of our boat when we were sailing on the St-Lawrence near the Saguenay River. We were not running after them, they came to see us and were very curious. Either that or we were right over their food. Very calm conditions in the fog. Also, I've said this before but in that part of the world we crossed a lot of big ships (lots of traffic) and when those ships are coming at you and there is wind and come swell, you hear nothing. When you are next to the stern you hear the diesels, but at the bow: nothing. Looking at the bow waves these th
  9. You're right, sorry. I disagreed with the first part of the sentence i.e. she is fucked. The second part I totally agree with...
  10. I disagree. Even he's lost all his fat and most of his muscle mass, I'm sure Reid can still swim faster than his boat. And anyway, even if he can't swim at the speed of 1kts, she would probably find a way to contact somebody on the satellite phone. This would effectively save her life. Having Reid stay on the boat is actually more dangerous. They'll eventually hit a storm and the Anne will sink.
  11. A generous interpretation of what could have happened is that they did come somewhat "close" to a big cargo ship and their jib caught some of that cargo ship's set of bow waves as the Anne pitched forward. The sprit gave way and the noise from that and the pitching woke them up. They saw a ship not too far away and assumed there had been a collision. I haven't read the 30 pages of this thread so I don't know if this interpretation survives all the facts that have been dug up. Sayonara did say she saw a ship. Maybe they are just both lying.
  12. Wind SW 8-10 knots, Course WSW, Speed 2 knots Close-hauled again in 10 knots of wind doing the usual 2 knots... Would have been nice to carve a set of polars somewhere on the Anne. Would have looked esoteric... Right now, lotsa leeway... VMG=0.00 (but since he's not going somewhere, that's just fine I guess)
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