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  1. That sucks. whats the reasoning, weather? Gulf of Maine Racing News The local lowdown on sailboat racing in the Gulf of Maine August 1, 2008 This just in... the Handy Boat Midsummer Regatta, scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 2, has been cancelled. But never fear, there is still more racing on tap.
  2. I've seen you around. Wish we had 2 races today. That was great weather. Wish it was like that all the time.
  3. What boat were you on alteredst? hankerin or something? Tommorrow is supposed to be what like 10-15 building to 20 in the afternoon. Seems like staying as far left as possible was the trick today. First to the layline seemed to win the race.
  4. Good for me and the rest of the crew of Keemah. We saw a couple boats catch pots, and one guy aground. Winds were pretty steady 11-12kts. Alot of reaching.
  5. sorry, I dont think the protest was A. I heard protest was for etchells. length or number of races or something. The crew and I couldn't make sense of that rumor, but we did hear from a few different people that there was a protest.
  6. How about the line for the A-boats for the 2nd race on saturday. I heard there was a protest on sunday, what was that all about?
  7. The Pilot was GREAT! Had a blast. Party was awesome. The fog made things pretty interesting.
  8. Cat in the Hat- is your name greg? out of CYC with a green/white kite? just trying to demystify SA. Who else is doing Pilot ?
  9. Casey Yacht Enterprises, Rte 1 Freeport, ME http://www.caseyyacht.com/yacht-repair-services.asp
  10. Are you racing in the centerboard regatta? how many people are going to that?
  11. I think I'm going to take you up on that offer.
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