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  1. Hi Doug, Tech problems.

    I have the original A14 eXploder used by Matt Struble from NAs 2015 with Jz boards and stock eXploder fins, superbendy Fiberfoam and now a good DB sail used by Craig Yandow. Foiling is very difficult. I can sort of make OH's boat go, but mine...not so much.  

    1. OH says I need to move the board trunk forward 5 to 10 inches to make it work, and use Z10 foils at least.  The problem is that I can move the trunk forward only 5 inches because of the shroud base and its bulkhead. In your opinion is that enough to even bother with?

    2. I didn't find any Z10s yet: inquiries from attendees at SD= nothing. Do you know of any?

    3. I am ready to add sail extension to make a decksweeper from a good older skinny top sail (2004 near NA winner: Woody Cope's).....just to have something that works*. 

    4. This sounds sort of silly, but how about moving my rudders further out back (6 inches with extensions) for as is- Z10 same trunk position*.

    Comments welcome. 

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