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  1. I picked up a Volant (#69) a couple of years ago on craigslist in Minneapolis. Paid $500. It looked about like the Milwaukee one, but still had the trapeze rigged. After a good cleaning and some minor rigging repairs it was ready to go. It's been a blast. You can load it up with 4 adults and it still moves, or you can go out with a single crew on the wire and it planes upwind. The launcher is nice, the vang and cunningham are kind of under-purchased, and the end-of-boom main sheet is a pain. Very seaworthy boat, though. I taught kids and adults in them on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee i
  2. Yes, race starts at 6:30. People leave the dock before 6 usually. Look for a guy named Andrew (I think) with a clipboard. I am not going to make it tonight I banged up my ribs pretty bad last Sunday.
  3. @BraveNewBoatDo you ever sail on Medicine Lake? We do an extremely informal (nobody keeps track of finishes; 3min whistle start) open dinghy race every Wednesday at 6:30. Come on out!
  4. Wow. Thanks for all the great info. This is going to help tremendously. Even though its been a bit rocky at times every one of them who's gone out on the wire has been grinning ear to ear. Trapping is definitely one of the best experiences sailing has to offer.
  5. I have a Vanguard Volant. It's like an FD with the last 2' removed, and more places to sit added. I am drawing on family and friends as crew, none of whom have any sailing background, and am finding it challenging to get new crew off on the right foot with the trapeze. Are there any resources you can recommend, such as Youtube videos or online instructions, that are helpful for people who have never sailed? What coaching strategies have worked for you to introduce noobs to the trap?
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