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  1. Any new info on the project? Mahalo
  2. So is it crazy to think that the rig on LeHydroptere could fit the bill here? She is still on the ball at Keehi. Not sure if she got clear in the auction. I just saw her today and thought might bring the 63 back to life.
  3. Gerontius is for sale in Honolulu, not mine... I was involved back in the late 80s. https://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/boa/d/honolulu-42-sailboat-moving-must-sell/6932592898.html
  4. There has to be a way to mount a peddle drive system that folds down along the stern that could be used from the seating area for 4 or more stations. Team Ziska was 12 tons... What is the Hp on the Yanmar? She does well in the light stuff too doesn't she? She just looks like she would be a good ride in that race. Day dreaming from back in Hawaii.
  5. Came lurking around your bay on the Fourth while circling the island. Great mix of vessels there. All your boats look better in person than the photos even let on. I love the boom wings. What's your thoughts on FRANCIS doing R2AK?
  6. He has got into the Longitude of California and still consistent on his progress. Go Webb Go!
  7. He looks like he is making consistent progress and almost clear of the longitude of Texas.
  8. I started to think of the trip this way after Webb posted this. http://self-portraitinthepresentseajournal.blogspot.com/2019/03/balboa-yacht-club-passage.html
  9. If he is heading to San Diego, its crossing merca the long way....
  10. Looks like he has cleared the "long" of Florida and halfway across Louisiana and moving nicely. https://my.yb.tl/gannet/
  11. Congratulations, this is such a cool project.
  12. At first I was astounded that someone would use their first post to say anything negative about one of Kim's beautiful projects. Then I got curious and went and looked at the picture of the pump and Hmmm. After a quick trip to the Google "pump orientation", I was agreeing with the poster. Looks like the pump is installed in the picture with both pipes on the low side of the pump and not the high side. This can lead to an air pocket or a dry impeller. Then again I had to check what an ecdysiast is, so what do I know... Aloha
  13. Aloha Kim, Love the tread and your style. I am slowly making my way through 137 pages... Looking at the pictures is that door slide level at rest? Could a drain hole forward help any rain or sea spray out of the slide with out going under the door? You will most likely have me lurking in the spring when I put the fishing boat in the water that is now in Kingston. Mahalo
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