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  1. Ok It is a 1969 Morgan, 53.7 feet, called GALATEA, owned by WILLIAM E FOLLENDORF.
  2. Here is its location Location is 43.271155764647574, -76.94416097661343 7514 Phelps Ave, Wolcott, NY 14590
  3. What is the closest boat to a Nolex 30 in the USA? Trailerable 27-30 ft, lift keel, not a Carrera, Henderson or Melges type boat Oh, and not $120000 Thanks
  4. Thanks for all the information, I am going to leave it all in place for the foreseeable future.
  5. Is it only to protect the mast and boat? If so I am going to leave that responsibility to the insurance company and pull the stuff out of the mast. Ashley
  6. The boat came from Fresh water lakes in Wisconsin, It is now only in Salt. Got ya on the Carbon conducting, does that mean the boat is safer in lightening or worse than aluminium?
  7. My Freedom 24 (Trippe) has what looks like a lightning rod at the top of the mast, and a big fat wire (thicker than a pencil) running down the mast, then has more of those wires running all over the boat to metal parts all over the boat. Do anybody else have this, or was my boat once owned bay a lighting nut? I have sailed on a lot of boats, but I have never seen this before, I would like to get rid of the mast run at the very least. I mean the carbon mast conducts electricity.
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