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  1. So bcardarella, did you guys make a decision?
  2. There are 2 in Sarnia, Ontario.
  3. Viper make fun double handed point to point boats too!!! https://youtu.be/R2_Xy7m5YkQ
  4. When I saw this, I was thinking a Viper could be a good fit. There's a bunch on the East Coast and close to you that you could do some travel regattas if you want, or possibly have a few come for a show and tell at your club for prospective buyers (PM me if you want some contacts). There are a bunch that are for sale at a very good price right now. You can probably buy 2 for your $30k budget!
  5. Very interesting MDLS. Other than collecting dust, I wonder what the plans are for all those 7.5's. They might be tied up in bankruptcy.
  6. Thank you for the info everyone. I have a Viper 640, but was looking for a side boat to do beer can racing with, take my non-sailing wife and 5 year old daughter out on, and to keep in the water instead of a dry slip. Knowing that there's not much down below, I'd have to bring the camping potty and get some cushions made up. So perhaps not the right boat, but I would still love to see some interior pics if anyone could post some. Thanks TT. Any idea where the other 9 boats have gone?
  7. What ever happened to this class? There were a hand full in Toronto, but it looks like the National One Design Center went out of business. Where are all the boats? How many were built? Does anyone have any pictures of what it looks like down below? LOL - Asking for a friend.
  8. Kite looks like they lifted it from a bunch of 420 sailors!
  9. The older vipers are holding up quite well and are still very much competitive in my opinion. I've owned #29 and also #194 and I always said the older boat was faster. I would buy another early Bennett boat if I found one for a good price!
  10. I'm the buyer that Grrr is trying to find a solution for. I have spoke with someone that owns a business in the sailing industry, he does deliveries as one of his services. He thinks he can deliver the boat to Canada for me and I will have to meet him at customs to pay all duties. I could then take delivery of that boat from him and be on my way. Unfortunately he's busy at the moment with the BYC Mac race, but once things slow down later in July/early August his schedule opens up. I'm going to reach out to Canada Border Services Agency to make sure this solution will work. Tha
  11. Monster - There are a good looking set on the viper forums http://forum.viper640.org/index.php/topic,2353.0.html
  12. Do any of you I550 guys have a use for a broken Viper rig + a proctor boom? Just thought I would throw it out there.
  13. Just saw this one for sale on Kijiji. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-sailboat/city-of-toronto/henderson-30-sportboat/1253291759?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true It use to be in Ottawa
  14. I have a broken Viper640 carbon rig if any I550 guys are interested. It's broken right at the spreaders. Would work great as a boom or spin pole. There are a couple of guys that have even sliced these things back together. PM me and we can chat if you're interested. Cheers!
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