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  1. I have been cutting my lawns since 1980s best move was getting a Toro Z time cutter 42 came with mulcher and bagger which I use it was a machine tested by consumer reports then I got it. Have done all maintenance parts are easy to get etc. Get a good set of Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones
  2. looks like a Newick Val 30' . there were several versions but that looks like original center cockpit with small fore and aft cabins
  3. Couple of years ago a child was killed in the LI sound after that I put prop guards on all our YC instructor boats. about 5 of them small investment for safety. Didn't change performance any. As for kill switches wear them.
  4. Thought I saw an Ericsson 35-2 on Long Island Craigslist, wrong coast for DC, but...... I look for link
  5. I guess that I am going to have to call my lawyer in order to see any tits
  6. New NASCAR series Cruise ship Demolition Derby. Captain over the loud speakers, "Did I miss anybody?"
  7. Is this Meli? Good luck. Do you have lots of bananas?
  8. Casio. Pro trek 2500 plastic band not titanium. Alt baro compass tide moon Solar powered. Got it at Costco $160? Came in handy in Peru when Alt read 16000 I told your guide when are we going down or pass the coca leaves
  9. Doug doesn't have a real boat.Why would he have a real trailer? He transports his model boat in a shipping cart he borrowed from Wal-Mart, where he is a part time greeter
  10. Is it the upside down thing from a couple of days ago, flipped right side up in grey primer with some whack job deck about to go on?
  11. My 57 Chevy pickup had the starter button on the floor of I remember Correctly
  12. Duck that link. Good luck raising it. And good luck with insurance co
  13. I have a Leather man Super tool 300 and SOG West Marine Sailing multitool with marlin spike. My brother broke a spring in it, but I was able to send it back for free repair. Great customer service and it was originally on sale at WM for $50
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