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  1. Im looking for a company to ship a bunch of dirtboats to the 2022 Worlds in Barreal Argentina. The closest port is SanAntonio Chile. We need 1 - 40’ container. I’m trying to figure out a total shipping cost. So far I’ve come up with this. 1) Materials to make bunks for all the dirtboats, masts and gear. 2) Ground Transportation of container from warehouse to port. 3) Shipping from Bay Area to Santiago Chile. 4) Ground Transportation of container from San Antonio Chile to Barreal Argentina. x 2 for return to Bay Area. What other costs have I over looked? shi
  2. https://youtu.be/VkFVhOrjQ3U MINI SKEETER RACING Doing the weekend warrior thing with a few friends in NW Montana.
  3. Thanks to La Nina were having a good season in the North Western Montana. 13 days of iceboating so far since November. Here is some video footage of our local iceboat crew all shot in the Flathead Valley .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ykwVN-HOG4
  4. Tis the season for iceboating! My friend Dave Farmer and I got a chance to the International Skeeter Association 2018 regatta in early December held at Battle Lake Minnesota. The turnout was light so they let us race unofficially in the regatta in our MiniSkeeters. The A Skeeters were amazing to watch. The ice literally shook under your feet as they rounded the leeward mark. Good ice conditions with light winds. We got in 6 races per class on Friday and Saturday. Here is a short video from the regatta. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6LG2sOljWt0
  5. A few years back I made the first Mini Skeeter iceboat. One of the reasons I made is that it's easy to transport and setup. Because of that we've been able to explore different places to iceboat on a moments notice. This year has been the coldest winter I've experienced since moving to Montana in 95. The bays on Flathead lake have been frozen for 3 months. Unfortunately we are experiencing record snow fall as well delaying the start iceboating season until the last 3 weeks. We live in a spectacular place to enjoy the sport. It's next to miraculous to get all the elements of hard snow free smo
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=besJYrCVYOk Skeeter racing yesterday in Wisconsin
  7. Serge, yesterday I assigned the 52nd sail number for the Mini Skeeter. I would say the majority of the people getting plans are iceboaters. I'm trying to figure out runners rules. My Idea is to limit to 2 pair to help keep costs down. I'm considering allowing a pair of plate runners 26 front 30 rear 4'' to 5'' high. (typical DN runners) My inclination is to allow another set of plates the same length. One set can have 90 degree for hard ice and the other 105 degrees for soft ice. What do you think would be a good option for runners?
  8. . Runners are a science in themselves. I'm trying to limit them to two sets in the Mini Skeeter class to help save some frustration for the owners. The DN class is great but they kind of go over board with the amount of different runners they allow in that class. Here are few basic combinations for the DN that I know of. Plate runners are the most common in iceboating.They are typically 1/4" thick 4 to 5" tall. The front steering runners are 26" long the rear are 30" long. That's what we use on the Mini Skeeter. I think the Nite Iceboat uses them too as well as other iceboats. Insert runn
  9. It looks like I'm going to have to work on an XL ( longer and wider cockpit area) version since several people have asked. My brother and I decked his boat this morning in about 2 hours.
  10. Were working on it now. We plan on bringing some down for the ALC. We will have 4 for sure. I have to convince one of the others to come to the race to get a one design score as 5 boats constitutes a one design class.
  11. 6 of 9 in our new local Mini Skeeter fleet sailed on local ice this weekend. I added a spring board to my boat. It made a huge difference in the ride.The ice was soft and slushy, wind 5 to 15 topped out at 40mph.
  12. Yes I think the sheeting can be improved by pulling from more foward like at 1:13 in this video like my dad has done.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPSJ0OYj1tU I made a rigging video too that shows more about how the rig works -
  13. We launched a few more Mini Skeeters at Canyon Ferry res. in Montana.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJnICN2ob4E Friday brought SW winds 10 to 20. Saturday a front came through in the morning. 25 with gusts to 45 mph. The wind tapered off to 20 to 30 by 2pm so we rigged up and that's when I shot most of the footage. I had a personal best of 60.1 mph and My friends boat Scooter hit 59.8 mph. This is turning out to be a great new class of iceboat. In a years time I've issued 27 hull and sail numbers for those building their own Mini Skeeters. I also got to launch my new C Skeeter wing Boat Wing
  14. We have been building these Mini Skeeters for the iceboating season. We finally had some decent ice and perfect 5 to 15 mph winds to launch them in. Tom Schock MS3, my Dad MS5 and myself US772 had a great time sailing for three days in a remote lake called Freezeout Lake just East of the Rockies near the high line of Montana. Temps were near 40 degrees. I reached 48 mph in wind in the upper teens. 10 Mini Skeeters are done or in some phase of construction at the Montana Wooden Boat Foundation - https://www.facebook.com/montanawoodenboatfoundation/?ref=bookmarks 25 hull and sail numbers h
  15. http://www.dailyinterlake.com/members/fleet-of-mini-skeeters-taking-shape-at-lakeside-woodshop/article_31f2fefe-9bb5-11e5-9314-af3df1d518b0.html We are making progress with the 6 new iceboats.
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