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  1. May be the fig 6 (Wing Planform for Minimum Induced drag with fixed span) of this workpaper would provide an answer to your question. Non Planar Wake.pdf
  2. Sorry Gisie I don't understand your position , From my North Hemisphere, it is clear that ETNZ and their success is a part of the New-Zealand "Soft Power" But of course with farming products accounting for 57% of kiwi exports (27% for the milk alone) you have alternatives So I think with that all the technology involved in the Cup carries a good, positive, and modern image of Kiwiland.
  3. Sorry, but I don't understand why he deserves such ostracization, If it is because he was pretty "cocky" like all successful young men are, You must blame all young men and their high testoterone level, no more. I met him a few minutes at the F18 World in 2010/07 , just after he got the cup vs Alinghi and he seems to me very kind, open, a nice person, not a pitbull. Cheers
  4. What happen in SF for Jimmy to deserve "Dickhead" designation??
  5. The Nationality issue is not a new one: AFAIR , After AUSTRALIA II victory in...198? , I remember Alan Bond saying that in the new rules for the defenders, it will ne mandatory for the sails to be made with kangaroo skin only. To bring this joke, probably he has been upset a little bit by big bad Denis dirty games.
  6. You misunderstand me, I am not talking about Prada paycheck, but answering the jealous whiner who complains because ETNZ staff get good money. NZ government, don't want monkeys as defenders, so they understand a decent reward is necessary to attract and keep talents. But I am sure some of them declined bigger pay bill propositions from other teams. Mauricio provides us with a good explanation, the guys feel confortable and are happy to work at ETNZ even if they make less money than with other alternatives. They are not mercenaries, just great and talentuous professionnal
  7. Whatever the industry you are looking at, everywhere the same old adage would apply: If you give peanuts, you have monkeys . Sorry Team Prada if it upsets you, but I have been told all the team at ETNZ will get an extra-bonus for the Cup. Not sure if it is public money, I feel confident you will check.
  8. So the topic is still about potential corruption in the Kiwis' affairs While there is no risk Prada takes advantage of slave child's labor to sew their shit ?
  9. Does it mean symetric wing section ? No camber adjustments?
  10. Team Prada, After careful consideration, I realized you are perfectly right to worry about public money spending and related corruption in NZ, as it is sure, things can only remain like that or degrade according to a specialized NGO. 2020 - CPI - Transparency.org Have a look at their Corruption Perception Index at the bottom, You will see Rwanda is ranked 49, and guess who is 52?
  11. Team Prada, You claim you are from Sanxexo (West Spain) I know this very nice little harbour, a great place to sail. Now regarding the scandal you try to built up with your basic disinformations tricks, and as you claim to support the spagetti challenger, let me remind you a few reality about spagettiland and public money spending : 1-When Mario Monti took the driving seat, at the italian gouvernemnt, He started to send the IRS investigators to Saint Tropez in summer or Gstaad in winter, to make pictures of Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porsches and similars with Italian number-plates
  12. Regarding AI he said it is not very Intelligent and very Artificial, as AI just follows the instructions the geek inputs from his keyboards. Cheers
  13. Great suggestion, I am looking forward to read them, I guess it will about rooftop, recovery and so on. I remenber "looking" with my fingers, the foil section of EXploder 15 or 22, I noticed 2 concave portions: The first one was between 60% to 70% of the leading edge on the low pressure side, and the other one was a bit further aft on the high pressure side, I candidly interpret that as a kind of "aft loading" as explained by Michael Selig on his workpaper for the high lift wing section S1223. But I think the actual objective is very different than looking for high lift, i
  14. When looking for the Canadian C-Cat news with Google, I got: Canadian C-Cat = Canadian Coalition Against Terror Would somebody have any idea on how to follow the Canadian C-Cat project ? Thks in Advance
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