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  1. Regarding Grant Dalton, the only point where you can blame him, is his motorbike driving reckless attitude. He should not ride motorbikes anymore with any of his team mates, otherwise he might kill one or two next time. Cheers
  2. AFAIK China authorithies have settled some quota on coal, and if not enough Gaz power plan, they just switch off electricity in some provinces. It will probably drive the China growth rate to a tiny 5% in 2022 as energy shortage will add to Evergrande & property market downturn which will weight on China economic activity.
  3. Well it would be fair to update your knowledge regarding China energy policy, of course they still have coal power stations, but it seems that it is more a decade they have been building GAZ power station instead. Bloomberg recently reported a whopper gain on the gaz market, that is probably a consequence the hudge coal demand from China power stations
  4. Elon Musk could have interest in High Performance Sailing, and he can afford
  5. Honestly, the only point where you can blame GD, appears on a picture where he is sitting and talking with Jacinda. "Body language" specialists would have noticed how tight Jacinda was keeping her knees closed and how firmly she was grasping her handbag when talking with Grant.
  6. Just a candid question: If the Cup is held in Spain or Irland, and TNZ wins Will it be a NZ Victory or Grant Dalton achievement ? Just asking!
  7. Thank You very much Athene, When looking at the double attachement of the sail control line on the whishbone, I wonder if there is a positive side-effect, I mean this double attachements might help to pull the sail in more toward the middle of the boat for better windward performance?? We used to use similar double attachement for the circular track of A-Cat mainsail. This wishbone seems to be custom made for the Moth? What happen to Benoît Marie, afair in Bermuda, he was ranking a bit higher ? Fair wind everybody EK
  8. Thanks for the details, While , intuitivly I would prefer the wishbone solutions, as it would provide more "freedom" in the sail foot design, I know Benîot Marie is a engineer from a french top school, a kind of "rocket scientist" like Joeseph Ozanne and Dimitri Despierre (BMW-Oracle), so I would not dare to conclude and I am looking forward which z-boom solution he achieved. Any pic available for Benoît or Ruggi 's rigs. Fair winds
  9. A secret new ship?? A French one ? any details? I will not dare to ask directly to Benoît, I don't know him actually. As other champions in the past, he came to visit the french A-Cat serie, He won twice the french championship don't know if he will continue sailing A-Cat in addition to Moth. Our french association has been a little bit "champion repellent" in the past. Cheers
  10. As it was so famous, It just took me 30s to find the above mentionned french joke about teaching mathematics in France. It is a little bit an anti-communist joke, as at this time, a lot of teachers were red. Hope a good Samaritan will be able to provide a good translation, spelling mistakes, are part of the humour too. But impossible for me to translate, sorry. Cheers Evolution d'un problème de maths - GeekSilver.pdfErwan
  11. Thank you so much everybody, For the jokes too, I would love to find an old joke about math teaching and translate it but cant find it anymore, I will search It was a long time ago, today National Education, in France prepares you to be a sucker in a "Trisocratie", but a few paths of Excellence which has been feeding for decades the desks at Goldman Sachs / Merry Lynch / and others. Any way, all your remarks are very usefull, I will focuse on UK sources, for classic handbooks, and explore other e-alternatives like Khan university. I think together it should be a good solution
  12. Hi, Never had the opportunity to study in Great Britain Canada or USA, so not very familiar with the educational system which give access to University. Difference between High School and College is still a bit fuzzy in my mind. That is why I am seeking advices regarding a good reputation Mathematic Handbook (s) for teenagers, which would cover the Senior Secondary School to the High School / College 's program. In other words, Mathematics Handbooks for the 3/4 years before University. For Instance, when it comes to write good English, all my American friends in Paris
  13. I think it was named "The French Theory" in the American Universities during the 60' and later a guy who was physician and Prof in a famous university, fucked them all, by making a joke publication which mixed, sociology, metaphysic, mathematics quantas, and tutti quanti.... Always tricky to try to look like an intellectual my dear Zaal !
  14. The FIFA figures above-mentionned are closer to macro economic aggregates than to sports budgets: 1 Billion = 1000 Millions, That is why I don't believe you have 200 B for a stupid game where you have 2 teams of eleven with one ball, and at the end the Germans win. Cheers Post Scriptum: I though jaleous douchebags were a specificity of french culture, obviously I was wrong !
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