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  1. Was just hanging out with him a few weeks ago. Lotsa fond memories of working together at Bayview YC. Greatly enjoyed his Monday evening Zoom chats during the early Covid days. His perpetual smile and eagerness to serve others made the sport a much better place. Fair winds my friend!!
  2. The boat you're looking at is hull #30. Class Association records on this boat go back to about 2002. Our database indicates that the mast step has been rebuilt. I'd be happy to discuss what you should be watchful for or ways to remedy any issues you find. Send me a private message to connect. I still own hull #2 and continue to enjoy it immensely.
  3. Not a dinghy, and not a DIY project, but the colorful wordsmithing in the ad makes it worth the read... https://grandrapids.craigslist.org/boa/d/grand-rapids-s2-yachts-sailboat/7299208263.html
  4. I see a hint of the S2 pedigree along the toe rail and in the bow entry, but that's about it... The cabin top seems way too forward to have been a 7.9. Without taking a measuring tape to it, I'm pretty sure the original cockpit was/is much small than this. The cabin top also appears much narrower than the 7.9. The cabin top/dog house actually smells more like the 6.7 or other S2 models in that size range. One of those models even had an offset companionway. The stern doesn't bear much resemblance to the 7.9 at all. The rig appears to be a masthead configuration.
  5. I've always preferred 4WD. The following link contains plentiful examples of what can happen if the tow vehicle is inadequate: https://www.instagram.com/thequalifiedcaptain/
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/717114028919530/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=undefined FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE AD READS: Bought some land this summer and the previous owners left a sail boat with no trailer. Free to good home. You haul. As is, definitely a fixer upper. Its 16 ‘4” long 8’ wide about 5’ tall keel is 12” Not sure if the link will work, but this can be found in the Rockford Michigan Facebook Marketplace listings.
  7. I have a 37 year old Yanmar 2GM diesel that is arguably the most reliable thing I have ever owned. It has traveled long distances under power across the entire Great Lakes region regularly for at least 25 of its 37 years. It has never needed anything other than annual oil/filter changes and one new clutch cone. And it still test with like-new compression. I'd complain about the minor inconvenience of bleeding an air bubble out of the fuel line, but heck, that's not life threatening and has happened less than 6 times in the 25 years I've owned it. In the interim, I've probably spent enough
  8. A sad day indeed. Fair winds and following seas.
  9. I'm thinking I may have been on that "little boat"... a custom Impulse 26 called "Jazz". For sure, I recall battling a big boat for line honors at least one year in that race. The "backwards" pursuit style of that race was indeed a great time!!! Good memories!
  10. Just sent you a private message here on SA. Give me a call to chat more.
  11. The WMYSA dates on that race schedule are not correct. They are as follows: June 30 at MBYC July 14 at Spring Lake July 28 at White Lake Aug 11 at MYC Also, the MYC Ulrich Junior regatta date has not been set - but it is likely to be Aug 19 in conjunction with the Harbor Hospice event. Please update the schedule to reflect those corrections. Thanks!
  12. I got the PSA email too. I clicked the PreOrder link and the price is $990 !!!!!!! I couldn't find any monetary exchange rate info - but if that is in USD, that's a freaking ridiculous price! I can buy 4-5 Intensity "practice" sails for the same money and have plenty of fun on my local pond. And… given the breathtaking absence of a "local dealer" in my part of the world, I didn't bother to inquire about shipping the damn thing half way around the globe from PSA down under. Makes a guy wonder how much of that $990 is going into ILCA's slush fund… Suffice to say, the 3 Lasers in
  13. The boat closest to you is an S2 10.3 meter called "Abbie Normal". The boat "Tenacity" with the blue and green graphics is an S2 9.1 Meter. I know both owners and have contact info for both. Send me a PM if you want contact info.
  14. It would simply be nice if water levels go up enough that we don't have to dredge the MYC marina yet another time this year….
  15. Great shot! I was the PRO for this regatta and my kids were both skippering boats. Great event with two flights of 21 Club 420s each and 7 Lasers on the water. Props to the Spring Lake Sailing Team for serving up an amazing thanksgiving style meal as part of the event. Quite possibly the biggest turkey leg I've ever eaten. I felt like Fred Flintstone. Thanks for the photo!
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