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  1. ......and we are never going to get it back.
  2. Just giving advice, nothing more.

  3. I know what you are up to, attacking me as you Clone Dezaster.

  4. Not me, posted pictures of my rooster, never owned a duck.
  5. Pipsqueak, why the hate? Do you know Reid? Did he ever do anything to you? You come across more as a jilted lover rather then an anarchist who feels Reid is a joke and an embarrassment to the sailing community.
  6. Pip does have her panties in a wee bunch Wofsey This has been a reoccurring argument for the last 3+ years, somebody crosses the line of humor and satire and enters the dark side of meanness and bad taste. Pipsqueak holds the crown with aseawolf and at one time RobinCrusoe not far behind. Regatta Dog has always done a good job of moderator and pulling the reins in when necessary. "Yawn" We need fresh material..........
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