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  1. Semi, Good info, It looks to me to be Gull also, mostly due to the small raised cuddy. Thanks for the information. Hi Jack... over. Back to Hinckley.
  2. Does anyone have any info on the little gray boat? Looks kind of like a Crocker Stone Horse, only larger.
  3. This looks to be a small Tancook whaler designed by Peter Van Dine back in the 70s. LOA 25 ft 6 in WL 20 ft BEAM 6 ft 4 in DRAFT 2 ft 10in SA 301Sq ft Disp 3,700 Lb There is a good write up on her in the book Thirty Classic Boat Designs by Roger Taylor.
  4. Here's a nice little Alden Malabar III .
  5. That's a sweet looking little boat. Any one have more info?
  6. Thanks for the info...….Then again maybe not.
  7. OK, dumb question, just WTF is going on there?
  8. If nothing else, it's got all it's "crap " distributed well. The thing is hard aground and not listing.
  9. Will you be going to wood boat this year? Don't know how that blank post got there, nor how to get rid of it.
  10. I would think they would have to float.
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