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  1. August 6, 2021 – Moored in Northeast Harbor Maine It’s been 113 days since I took delivery so it is long overdue to post something here of what I think. Sailing outings will be covered in the net post First up are my pet peeves which are few. 1. The mouse that came with the computer is mostly useless. I'm not sure if it is the way it was configured but trying to select an area for a grib in Adrena was nearly impossible. I now have a logitec wireless mouse that works perfectly. 2. The handheld VHF will not charge with the dc car adapeter. I picked up a universal A
  2. No Champaign to christen this boat. But we do have some small batch rye.
  3. The Gaz tank are will need to be converted to propane for the states and the 8" opening is too small for a refillable tank but a call to defender delivered the parts needed to convert to the small disposable tanks. Anyone know how to refill a Campingaz tank?
  4. The heater is in the locker to port and the exhaust exits on the stern. There are ports in the front berth, head, starboard locker, starboard berth and port berth. You can shut all the ports but the port berth where the thermostat is located. I slept back there and had the curtain closed and it heated the berth to 19C/66F in less than 12 min in the morning.
  5. Here are some details you don't see in most of the photos online. If anyone wants me to take one of any part of the boat let me know. Wiring of the electrical and electronics is nice and neat. I found a USB port in the adjacent area and was disappointed when it didn't charge the ipad but then I realized it was for the computer.
  6. Sailing with the family and then back safe in the slip
  7. It's been one week since I finally took possession on a rainy Sunday in Baltimore. It was kind of hectic as the date changed several times while I was trying to set up my second shot. Got my shot Friday afternoon, drove to Maryland on Saturday and then arrived at the docks on Sunday at 8. At 9 they put the sling on and we were in the water before 10. The mainsail was wrapped in plastic so it came off as we let the pilot drive on compass mode. We hoisted the gennaker and started sailing south. The wind started to get fickle around the bay bridge so we dropped the geny and motor sailed
  8. My crew for the day will be two non sailing family members. I have no idea how much time I'll have on the boat to get underway from the moment it hits the water. As I have never done this before I was just looking at the easiest solution. Since the original post the the unloading day has moved back from Friday to Monday and the wind has shifted 270 degrees from the windward side of the ship to the leeward side and back again (my best guess based on the location of the terminal) and also dropped in intensity. Friday 180 deg 15 -20 Original Monday 30 deg 8-10 Today's Monday
  9. I have the Pogo 36 with Sevenstar due in Baltimore on Friday. This ship is owned by the same company that refloated the Ever Green I sent Sevenstar diagrams of how to support the boat and then they welded the supports in place. Photos of the loaded boat are one the Construction of a Pogo 36 thread. Sevenstar is carrying a load of paper down below that will be offloaded before the boats.
  10. After reading Shaggy's post about the massive amount of tension needed for the carbon rig I felt this was the better option. If I had gone with RORO then Pogo would have charged me to breakdown the boat and pack it on a cradle. I would have to pay for the truck to get it to the port and then pay for a rigger in the USA. Shaggy flew in a Pogo employee but that was just the time, ticket and per deim. I would have needed two add a quarantines on each end IF THEY COULD TRAVEL TO THE USA AND BACK. The other option is to bring in an Axxon approved rigger from Maine or Ft Lauderdale.
  11. Sampogracht has set sail and will be in Baltimore by the 8th with unloading on the 9th or 10th.
  12. No new photos but it’s getting loaded on a Sevenstar ship today. Going to have to start packing up all the extra crap I’ve bought for it this weekend. Time to start the daily visits to MarineTraffic. I’ve been pouring over the Chesapeake gunk hole guide looking for places to anchor out during the week. Also came up with a few waypoints for distance sails down the bay and back. Same goes for the Maine guide for the summer. All I really have left to do is hire a lawn service so the neighbors don’t start complaining.
  13. I wonder if that section of Piedmont Road is jinxed First, Eric Robert Rudolf bombed a lesbian bar (since torn down). I can't remember if it is the same location as the Gold Message Spa but if not, it was right next to it. Then a fire brought down I-85 between Piedmont and Armour Dr. And now this shooting.
  14. They just came out with them in 2020 to replace the SL50. Pogo wasn't too enthusiastic about them at first as there were some bugs to work out with the Figaro fleet. But by the time i finalized the order. I am going to have some canvas work done in Annapolis. Just a simple cockpit tent and winch and hatch covers, But after Scott's last retro video on the J 111 I might have to add in a cover around the displays. This is the tent https://www.instagram.com/p/B1ZBtZfIvjp/?igshid=3h68gh1rp0t9
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