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  1. Radical idea here....as everyone in the country is affected by the outcome of elections, should not everyone in the country also have a say as to the outcome of those elections? (getting my popcorn ready to observe the explosion of conservative heads)
  2. The same lot, men and women are very religious. The evangelical belief is similar to that of the Taliban, in that women are second class citizens who should enjoy fewer rights than those of men. My wife belonged to one of those small evangelical churches (read as small cult) growing up, and that is exactly what happened there. Women are to be seen (dressed in their best), but never heard. They are to listen to the husbands and do as they are told. They shall not question as that is not the way of the bible. During the 2016 and 2020 elections many of her old friends from that ch
  3. Except those people didn't break into the capitol to take selfies. They broke into the capitol to stop the counting of electoral votes. They tried to stop democracy. Some would consider this treason. Others would say "well, they went in their with the intent to prevent the will of the people from becoming reality, but since they failed, and only succeed in taking selfies, no problem, no crime." I think those people fail to realize that just because one is not successful in committing a crime, one cannot be charged with the crime. Like if a person walked into the bank, told the tell
  4. I was more referring to FOX news et al. as well as the contemptuous conservative congress critters trying to downplay the day. It would be really hard for them to claim the attempted coup was anything but a terrorist act with Pence swinging from the gallows. Collectively, they like Pence. If he would have gone down, I have no doubt McConnel, Cruz, Nunes, etc would have some different things to say about the events of the day. I also think the national messaging and opinion would be different. There are surely moderate republicans who are seemingly indifferent about the day because "ta
  5. If they would have actually killed Pence though, I think the nation's view of them and the day would be drastically altered. For example, all sorts of RWW were hellbent on destroying the government, killing govt officials, etc back in the 90's. Similar to the RWW of today, they trained for it in gravy seal style militia drills and what not, and fantasized about the carnage. A few of those assholes decided to put their money where their mouth was, and blew up the federal building in OKC. A RWW wet dream right? Not so much. Once the gravy seals of the day saw what killing their country
  6. For sure. Like when McConnel filibustered one of the many things he has done during his tenure in the Senate. It would have been something for him to have had to stand, unassisted at the podium, talking non-stop, in order to actually prevent a vote. The current filibuster is procedural at best, and the lazy man's way to avoid legislating, or the passage thereof. I would not be opposed to a return to the old ways, in this instance.
  7. I am slightly disappointed in senate dems lack of foresight when it comes to eliminating the filibuster. The GOP will at some point in the future control the senate. I cannot imagine what BS, fascist legislation they would ram through without any checks on their power. And to be fair. (To beeeeeee faaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrr) I am sure the GOP and their voters feel the same way about the dems. Personally, I am all in favor of the 60 vote requirement. Perhaps the better solution would be to craft legislation differently, so that each bill only covers one or two ne
  8. WRT to the OP, that isn't actually surprising. Minority populations that practice Christianity often do so with much fervor, and as such, much of the GOP platform-that panders to the religious-appeals to them. Its no different than a white family living in a trailer in Mississippi collecting food stamps and voting GOP, because Jesus and guns. Believe it or not, white midwestern populations do not have a monopoly on voting against their own self interests.
  9. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps I am a bit too benevolent.
  10. Of course. I would add that ignorance exists in a certain subset of the population, and that all of that is nurtured. The people in power need ignorant people to believe their bullshit. They are far easier to control than the educated. The Trump administration, the pandemic, flat earthers, etc are proof that it is working.
  11. All things aside, deindustrialization has in fact caused our young men to fall behind. For decades the mentality was "you are a strapping young lad, and there will be a good factory job waiting for you when you turn 18." There was no incentive to really better oneself. Learn the one skill you needed to work the assembly line, make 70 thou a year (in 1970 dollars...equates to more today) and you are set bud. Until you are aren't. The economy shifted rapidly, but the paradigm of many young men did not. There are still a great number of people who have yet to graduate high school, who belie
  12. Does anyone else on this thread absolutely love the irony (hypocrisy?) of the ultra right wing capitalists voicing their frustration with capitalism when it does what it does and prices go up? The same people who bitch about a (liberal) president acting like a king, and stating that if we ever do get a king that would be tyranny, and then 2A. But at the same time, those same people demand the president act as a king. If you fit this description, this is why you are not taken seriously.
  13. I will point out that other half of the flawed "cars kill people too" argument. Cars, while not designed for the expressed purpose of killing living beings, do contribute to the deaths of human beings. Aside from designed intention, the automobile industry is heavily regulated. When people were killed in care accidents, the automotive industry didn't say "thoughts and prayers, too soon to talk about nor do anything to fix the issue." They installed seatbelts, developed airbags, crumple zones, etc, so as to make car wrecks more survivable. After mass shootings, the firearm industry de
  14. A woman is pregnant. She fears the developing fetus may kill her. Clearly terminating pregnancy is self defense. Stand your ground ladies! Now, that would be an even more a solid argument if we can figure out how to use an AR for abortions without hurting the mother. Self defense using an AR. Should be perfect for the RWW out there.
  15. The law should not protect instigators. Why we feel the need to have laws that protect violent instigators is completely beyond me. If you are an asshole, and you do some asshole shit, the law should not protect you. We should not live in a society where the assholes are able to hide behind laws with impunity. Of course those laws were written by assholes, so assholes can keep being assholes, simply to maintain their idea of the status quo
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