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  1. I too hope the WSJ is correct. Though part of me wonders if the RWNJ's in charge will actively encourage and influence the economy so as to tank it, all in order to prove Biden a failure. A whole bunch of southern red states did that very thing with the ACA, for the very same reason. Is there any reason to believe they wouldn't try it with the economy?
  2. You were talking about sailing on the forums with yer pals the other daaaaaaaaaay.... Meatwad. How are ya now? The best thing about Letterkenny is how absolutely quotable it is. That, and the fact that its basically a masterclass in takedowns. Case in point...the female hockey players episodes. "Right Betty Anne...Catholic School in 6th grade....Where you got the nickname "fisted sister"...that you gave to yourself....And a fitting name it was considering your mitt looks like a boa constrictor unhinged its jaw to try to consume a combat submarine." Pure brilliance. And
  3. I find no fault with you. The local PHRF board and measurer who approved an unseen claim of lobbing 18" off the keel so as to give the dude 18 seconds can fuck right off though. You'd like to think stuff like that doesn't happen in one design, but any time you allow modifications in the rules, that will be capitalized on. The bottom and keel job wars in the J24 class comes to mind.
  4. To quote the great Wayne from "Letterkenny"....they adjusted his rating but didn't actually measure his boat..."what sort of backwards fucking pageantry is that?" Seriously, that's shady AF.
  5. I like the above list, with maybe the exception of #4. At least here on the great lakes, some of my fondest regatta memories were from days with no wind when the T10 fleet rafted up 15 deep and started the post racing party early. GOOD TIMES Of course if you sail dinghies, you are probably are not going to be doing something like that, so I get it. Really, as RC the number one factor in decision making- aside from safety right, always be safe- should be participant enjoyment. For regattas, competitors spend time and money to attend. If its an enjoyable experience, the ROI
  6. sail611


    How do we know it has not already been released to them.? If that were the case, Adam Schiff is the chair of the committee, which I would assume makes him the spokesman. The other democrats on the committee have Schiff presenting the talking points, so have no need to speak on the issue. The republicans on the committee would do what they have been doing with all of the evidence of Trump's wrongdoing. They would bury their heads in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist, or they would acknowledge it exists but state loudly and frequently that it isn't really evidence of any wrongdoing at all
  7. sail611


    Could it be that the evidence is so damning to the very framework of democracy that it has been deemed classified, so that Adam Schiff is legally unable to share it publicly? Just a thought.
  8. All liabilities and legal stuff aside, I want the PRO on any course I am racing to do his/her best to set a fair course. Try to square it up as best as can be done for the conditions of the day. I like knowing the heading to the weather mark as well. Shifts happen. No need to adjust to every one. Maybe, if persistent, change marks during the break between races, unless the shift is really egregious. Even then, while a change mark is a courtesy, and does keep the course fair, part of sailboat racing is knowing what the wind is doing. If a competitor isn't paying attention to his/her
  9. sail611


    Coming to save the mutha fuckin day yeah!!!! Or would "derka derka, mo'ama Jihad" be a better response? But its kind of empty without a shit ton of pubes super glued to one's face. Speaking of, and to quote another fantastic bit of pop culture "Damn I'm smooth"..."Heh heh yeah, I'm so smooth I've even got a beard on my hands...heh heh"
  10. I can remain civil. Living wage will mean something different to everyone, depending on lifestyle. But lets define a "living wage" as a wage that pays sufficiently enough so that a person working a 40 hour week at one job does not need to work a second job nor apply for social programs in order to make ends meet, and still have some left over after all the bills are paid. Again, this is going to be different for everyone based on circumstances and location, but to put a number to it, lets call it $60K a year.
  11. So not ready for the paradigm shift. Okay.
  12. So here's a thought. Most of us agree that the current levels of inequality are caused by the business model of increasing monetary value for the shareholders (basically, making profit). We've heard it time and time again, "we are in business to make money." But what if we underwent a major paradigm shift where we measured business success not by the amount of profit made, but rather by the number of employees to which we payed a good living wage. What if that were the goal of businesses, and profits were secondary to that?
  13. I mean isn't that exactly what the president did with the withholding of funds to Ukraine? Bribed them to investigate Biden FOR HIS PERSONAL GAIN with congressionaly approved funds? If its not bribery, nor corruption (which I think the founding fathers would also feel to be an impeachable offense), then what was it?
  14. Or maybe the Dems picked the two least serious charges against Trump so that they would not have to go down in history as the first group of people to have had to execute a sitting president for treason. They are acting from a place of kindness to literally spare Trump's life.
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