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  1. He didn't write everything he put himself in....
  2. yup. Hard to imagine a sport any duller. Even darts is more entertaining!
  3. It's hard to drive when you're playing a banjo, and have to keep remembering 'left, left, left'.....
  4. the most insane failures from the Russian Fox experiment ended up working at FOX..
  5. Derek Grebe


    they were old enough to drink two years ago, in the developed world!
  6. Derek Grebe


    they did..... from wikipedia... .... In the final decade of the 6th century AD, the Parthenon was converted into a Christian church dedicated to the Virgin Mary....
  7. Derek Grebe


    right up there with the magic coffee table
  8. Its the farmer, wondering how he can turn it into a milking machine.
  9. ...today is the 8th Anniversary of our son's adoption, after he joined us at the age of two, after a perfectly shite two years up to that point. He's now the 10 year old brother to our 15 year old daughter, and they are inseparable / fight relentlessly! Both are growing up into 'world citizens' here in the UAE, and will be set for life with friends all over the planet in years to come.
  10. grew up being run around in the back of one of those. Remember having to get the varnish out every autumn
  11. A small vial of smallpox is the answer, they are undoubtedly not vaccinated either.
  12. ex-Gurkha brother-in-law did this a few years ago on a double-hander. Brutal, as you'd imagine. full 360 rolls in big swells, locked down in the tiny cabin - not fun!
  13. it is indeed. My favourite 'weapons' experience was spending 5 hours on a cold January day punting a 19th Century Punt Gun on a river on the East Anglian coast, and getting the opportunity to fire the home-made punt gun - aged 11. a beast. Not this one, but VERY similar. The 'home made' element included a set of old motorcycle shocks in the mount,so as not to rattle the boat into matchwood.
  14. The Arabs seem to love a Faggot-Tractor... plenty over here! (NTTAWWT)
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