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  1. No, this new Nordac main arrived the day after the regatta
  2. Closeup of the material in my just delivered Nordac main. Yellowish color is because of the setting sun at the time the pic was taken
  3. The race was announced in the NOR. The course was announced by the RC on the course board per the SIs as indicated earlier on this thread. I know all three skippers involved (and many of their crews) and you will not meet a better group of Corinthian sailors. I applaud them (again)
  4. They sailed the course posted and made the rest of us look dumb, but I heard one or more may have crossed start finish line while doing so
  5. aboard hull #2 today @CYC, interior had pipe berths in salon - sweeet!
  6. crappy video of J/111 under sail last Friday, Newport. Interesting hull #1 has NZL markings on mainsail. Assume it's going down under??
  7. maybe the "Wave God" should get hoisted back into the rigging
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