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  1. Viper 640 might be a good fit for this application. Gulf Yachting Association uses them for their interclub racing series. Quite a few fleets along East Coast, West Coast and Florida/Gulf region. Decent used boat market. World Championships for 2022 are slated for the East coast, which gives your group plenty of time to become familiar with the 640, gear up, and practice...
  2. Another cat, rigged for wind.... https://frederick.craigslist.org/boa/d/walkersville-hobie-16/7195358282.html
  3. For you art lovers.... https://okaloosa.craigslist.org/boa/d/pensacola-1971-mcgregor-venture-24ft/7118362951.html
  4. 31945 is now owned by "Pink Spinnaker" and missed by Craig and Deborah. There is one for sale at Fairhope YC, Fairhope , Alabama. The Olympic Sailing Association at New Orleans has had one donated and is for sale or something. As for speeds: Upwind 6.4-6.8 was good targets for us on "Myasasaur" Downwind was best to gybe at angles, and at the 2013 NACs we hit 19.8 on one of the downwind runs with the chute, blade, and full main up (lots of fun) but regular sailing at 7.5 -11 knots downwind was not unusuall at all.
  5. Sunfish sail for sale "tough as nails" : https://pensacola.craigslist.org/bpo/d/sunfish-sail-needs-attention/6690190133.html
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